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The new hybrids tho

OK, so the new hybrids… They look so fun to use, but so OP, kinda all of them are vey good.
spinonyx! It has leathal wound AND two rampages!! That is kinda good…
But the one I want the most is Ardontosaurus… Immunity, decelerating impact, defence shattering rampage! And if that wasn’t enough, it has extendet critical strike! I have soooo much of both ingredients… it will be easy to get…
what are your thoughts on the new hybrids?

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Well I am soooo looking forward to using Koolambourgania. Whilst on first look it may not seem like much, but it has the damage of Erlidom and about the health of Tryko. It is quite slow, but that swap in distraction could come in handy. “Thor’s defence shattering Rampage”
I love it and I am already stock pilling its ingredients. Got them both at level 15 with a ton of DNA. Also, I am looking forward to giving Purrasaurus a go. Looks like a great fill in counter attacker until I get Dio or Grypolyth. I am going to trial it. Ardontosaurus looks great, but I am far from getting it, because of a lack of Argentinosaurus DNA😭. Spinoynx and Erlispyrenx seems great, very good. There are gonna be on a lot of teams. For now I have a good supply of Baty G2, but it won’t last very long and it could be quite hard to get to level 20. But my Spino G2 isn’t even 15 so…
Not sure about Germanitian though.

I’m looking forward to Koolambougania, Purrasaurus and the updated Erlik gen 2 .

I like Koolambougania because I always want to use swap in distraction on a decent Dino. Those who have it at the moment are all basic dino so we can’t actually use them in battle (not to mention it’s only 50% reduction while the in-game text says 90%).

Purrasaurus has greater rending counter attack which I think has potential. But I need more DNA for both of them to create / level up so I can experiment with them.

I like debilitating distraction and again, I think it has a lot of potential for setting up a swap but at the moment the 1-turn delay hurts it a lot. My Erlik gen 2 is only at 14 level so I’m not thinking about its hybrid yet, who looks awesome. But I think it can hold up on its own if proper leveled. I’m not in area 2 and most of its DNA were from alliance donation. I hope I will see it more after the great migration of the update…!!

For me, Seco is holding me back really. I’m in L3, so I rarely see Seco in the wild, not counting the events. I’ve only seen it about three times in the wild since its debut in the game, and that’s a looooong time :disappointed_relieved::confounded:

And @lcy, when the update drops, Debilitating Distraction will finally lose the one turn delay, so it will be immediately available on turn one :wink::smirk:

Yes I knew. That’s why I’m so excited to try out Erlik gen 2 after the update. It also gets buffed to 129 speed which makes it much more in line with the gen 1 :smiley: !

Funny. I’ve seen Secondo so many times. I live in L1 and despite Argentinsaurus being a spawn there I don’t seem to have much DNA for it
It’s about level 10.
Secondo is 15 with about 1050

But yeah


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Looking forward to using fusing these

What will the Baryo and Spino Gen.2´s level required to start fuse them ?

Level 15. A bit annoying

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This is also quite annoying
So very close to the level.
Need to find 1 more


Not sure how long this will take me.

But happy long-term players get something to use straight away.

Not fun when everyone playing same stuff.

What. You lucky person. Sure I can get the flyer and Purrasaurus immediately, but wow. I wish I had a quarter of the Spino DNA you haave

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Spinonyx all the way for me with the new guys ^^

I feel as if it will take a long time.:sweat:
Got tons of Bary. And since the daily will probs be Smiladon, my Spinoynx will be unfinished for some time


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I’m ready too

I think i will try them all spinonyx looks a beast and see wht its unique version is like i don’t know what to take out though

Am I right in thinking spinoynx will require 50 spino and 200 bary?