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The new indo raptor gen 2

It used to be that indo raptor gen 2 was the most broken and over powered dino in the game. You released things to counter it but it was still broken. It used to be so broken that you had to use it otherwise you would lose a majority of your battles. Since 2.0 you have taken care of indo gen 2 but now we have another dino with the same problem. Ardentismaxima. I understand it’s an end game dino so it should be good. But it’s too good. So good that you have to use it or your arena experience will be miserable. There are a few things that can counter it but not many, and not everyone has a team, or wants to use a team that is centered around countering 1 dino. While the adjustment to instant invincibility made it slightly easier to deal with maxima, its still the most powerful dino in the game. It dosent need all that armor, plus a big crit chance, plus 2 rampages, one of which is available right off the bat. I understand you tried to adjust dinos for raids but it is making the PVP experience unbearable.

how many topics on maxima should we still open?


Biggest problem you have is: Everybody has a huge Maxima because Ludia gave his DNA away like crazy before making Brachio exclusive. When IndoG2 was a problem, only a smaller % of players had it for quite a long time, so everybody else was complaining about it. This is not the case with Maxima though, since most players have it! Funnily, they all have asked to get their boosts back, even if it was barely nerfed (yes, nobody would really take it out of their team, since as you said, it’s still OP). But now that they have woke up, you still won’t hear much complaint about it as too many have it in their team. That’s the difference between an OP dinosaur that is hard to get, and one that was so easy to make. Same thing happened to Gemini. Everybody was complaining about it because only a few made it. So they manage to have it nerf to the ground. In this game you really have to go with the flow. If everybody go for a dino OP dino (Procerat was a good exemple), don’t expect it to be nerfed quickly (simply because everybody will go for it), just make it because it’s so easy, and enjoy the ride, until finally enough people complaint about it, and it get nerfed. If you see one that is OP, but really hard to make, don’t bother. Too many players will complaint about it, and it will be nerfed quickly. So rule of thumb. OP and easy to make: GO Op and hard to make: NO (too many players will complaint about it and the nerf will come earlier.

Until it get fix so we can go back to the arena maybe?

Yes…maxima is the only problem😅

Its clearly the problem number 1

As in 1.7,thor was the number one problem and so on.

Of course,it doesnt balance all the creatures and remove all boosts (because it is impossible)
But in term of possibility,just balancing ONE ABUSED creature (like smilonemys when he was revealed)
We want this game to be reactiv:
Not to wait 2 month every update when we get crush by only ONE creature.
If you don’t understand why arena disgust the player database:just ask them what they are facing?
The 3 you are sure to encounter everywhere

There is a difference between maxima and other beasts from days past. Now it’s strong because its components are difficult to access, but thanks to brachi being farmable pre-2.0, it’s easier to create which is why so many people have access to it. Compare that to Entelomoth, the king of 1.14, and you see some differences. First, entelomoth required mammoth, which was a relatively new creature. Second, mammoth was never in the wild apart from a short week in late spring when the mammotherium event was live. Now with maxima, it required brachi, which wasn’t in to start, but has been in long enough that many players either have a huge start or already got enough to make it. Second, it was the best creature in the game back in 1.10, so many people were going for it, and that demand led to more and more desire to make and level maxima. Finally, there was a brachi tournament ways back where hundreds and thousands of brachi dna was just given out.

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Exactly,everyone at my level (and under 5500 trophy) have it lvl 30,its a plague
And guess what?I don’t like it,i don’t like his design,i think its really poor and cheap.
Playing an immune monster with tons of health and damage which fear nothing doesnt require any skill or strategy.
But because i have no choice,I am FORCE to play it .
So i had to lvl up this thing and to get it lvl 28 and spend my boost into it to reach higher place :confused: