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The new Level already full

The new level is already full!

I re downloaded the app and the same


The adv problem never shown


Have a good day

Correct me if i’m wrong but I think it wouldn’t make sense to have a progress bar at level 20 when level 20 is the max level


I play it normally but it feels weird with a full level while I just reach it!

It’s new it shouldn’t be full!!

Hey Zezo, as the max level has been reached, it won’t show the Level XP progression.

Yes, and I don’t know what to do!

It all stuck in this new level 20

We’re all stuck at level 20! It’s like a prison in here! Release us from the 20!

(no seriously, it’s burned into my screen)


So what to do now?!

Congratulations, you Won, you beat the game!

How this comes!

Many errors lately!!

Could you elberate on what the “errors lately” are. This could possibly help out the support team solve your concerns.

And if this is in regards to the max level being level 20. Well reaching max level is just the beginning. Try creating every creature. Once done max them all to level 30 :wink:

I can safely assure that will last you a long time of Jurassic World Alive Engagement of things to do.


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Those accusations are definitely incorrect I can assure you. I don’t think the support team killed the Jurassic World Alive department manger, and the support team doesn’t actually interact with making the game.

The support team just contacts the developers to resolve any issues with your account that is not normal. Sometimes they can not fix the issue, but I can almost certainly say they did not kill anyone and do not try to make the game worse on a regular basis.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

To which error are you referring? Because the max level in the game is level 20. Once you reach it, there is no more levelling up your player. As to your “game number”, yes the support team needs your support key any time that you have an actual problem. This is so that they can find your specific profile in order to fix whatever is wrong. However, you haven’t actually pointed out any errors or bugs.


So I finished the game!

Too weird a game from google with 20 levels only!

I should quit now too,
no more gaming after finishing all levels!

Thank you all for your helpful replays

Good bye

“I quit” thread