The new meta?

I am beginning to wonder if we are moving into a bleed meta. We have been getting a lot of bleeders in the past updates. Spinoconatrictor was buffed in 2.9, Scorpious rex gen 3 in 2.8, hydraboa in 2.7 and now the new phorasaura hybrid in 2.10. These bleeders are being used by some of the top players and I expect hydraboa will as well and possible the new pho hybrid. What do you guys think


I think it’s possible, specially with the new pho hybrid. Monolorhino will be more relevant than ever

I agree. the resistances of Monolarhino is what makes it good

The worst part is, it’s not even making fierce creatures any more relevant. All of these bleed creatures are part Cunning, meaning pure fierce creatures will be struggling more than ever before.


That is actually a good point. The only thing that can really beat the cunnings are going to be other cunnings.

I think a few DoT destroying Cunning should be added, this way the DoT users get countered, the DoT destroyers get countered by Resilient, which get countered by Fierce. Speaking of, we desperately need a better pure fierce unique or apex, Thor and Mortem just don’t have the required moves to take on all the cunnings, or even the resilients.

its a possibility, but bleed has been one of the weakest and most underused abilities until recently. lots of bleed being thrown around could allow for those bleed immune and highly resistant cunnings too make a come back finally.


Mags is even better now. Spyx will always shine. But yes, monolorhino will be very, very relevant

I kinda hope we are. Cunnings should counter bleeders fairly well, so getting more bleeders should give them more of a purpose.

Almost like adding more fierce dinos (like we’ve been saying since 2.0) naturally balances the endgame meta…


I hope so to. Gorgo may find itself in the endgame and could possible become a tyrant


I don’t see it being Tyrant (at least not OP tyrant), but I’d like to see more people run it (and the other cunning Apexes once people get them to team level).

Ref could do really well now if it had a DOT resist increase or full immunity. And stun immunity would make it a full counter towards scorpios gen 3