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The New Monster - Erlidominus

I just whooped a boosted opponents rear end. This is NOT going to be good.
8800 damage from my level 21 2nd account Erli, unboosted. Then on the next creature using cloak right after I took out a cloaked Indomimus Rex who was attempting revenge on me. I can imagine one of these boosted to no end.

For my primary account, this guy is on the team and will be leveled more. The thing is, I don’t even think it is necessary to boost damage. Just boost speed and health.

It is not a monster. I get destroyed by everything that has speed control, which is a lot of dinos.

I’m dropping my lvl nearly 30 for a weaker Magna

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Can’t do that on my indom. Just got to boost its speed twice more and its at your speed with 2,000 health and 100 more attack.

Tenontorex is trying to look cute in the corner, grinning.


Trying to lvl my Stegod if Erlidom gets a resurgence in the Arena. :smiling_imp:

I can destroy it with sarcorixis now that it removes cloak and do speed control

This is about the only way to survive is if your opponent brings Erli in and you happen to have Resilient Strike.

My Ardentis took one out with only 500~ HP left. Put a shield up, goodbye full health Erlidom. Didn’t even have a chance to use the revenge cloak.

My lv 26 with revenge cloak got a crit on the impact and did over 8k damage

I think it’s worse now than ever before. Especially with the new shield mechanic. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken out Erlidoms without losing a single point in HP before.

Practically anything with a Resilient or even regular Deceleration move can wreck it. It can even be stunned now.

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Yeah. People will say revenge cloak was a buff but it really isn’t. Yeah the obnoxious high damage is cool but extremely overkill


Revenge Cloak only has a dodge chance for the first turn, so Instant Charge go brrr.

Resilient strike is everywhere now dude. Erlidom is getting benched for me.

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Resilient moves go BRRRRRR