The new raid is buggy

I would like to report a bug in the new Apex raid boss. The instant group acceleration move by Gorgotrebax leads to an acceleration of 50% instead of the 10% described in the notes. The speed of the entelodon goes from 142 to 213. This raid is not going to be easy till this bug is fixed.


Wow, of course it is. @Ned please notify the team ASAP once you see this.


this looks like hell
no wonder ppl don’t manage to go through

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Cant find anything in the releasenotes about how much it speeds up though…

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On the raid its says 10% I think

Team: Increase speed 10%, lasting 3 turns… Field Guide

Field guide is wrong

Datamine from Gamepress on 2.3


Ludia’s own raid description says 10%


Thats truly weird as the programming says 50% so either they planned on changing that and forgot to do so or they saved themselves some time and copy paste the move descriptions from the Fieldguide (neither would surprise me)

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Ludia getting programming wrong…surely not! :rofl:

Surprised they didn’t just copy and paste IG2s CS cleanse and speed buff in too.


Hey DPG members, our team is investigating this at the moment. Thank you!


Thanks Ned

The speed boost is one thing but the fact that the distraction is 100% instead of 50 is another.

And for those fortunate to have beaten it in our alliance (after several hours of attempts) they got rewarded 10 DNA.

Was this supposed to go live April 1st instead of today??

Hey Vespasian, any players who only received 10 DNA from the raid, our team would like them to write in to with their support key so our team can assist them. :slight_smile:

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Once again the description doesn’t equal the action because Ludia cannot learn to QA. How difficult is it honestly? That is an HONEST question.

I seriously don’t know why I bother with this game anymore sometimes.

Our team is aware and looking into the Battle specific errors. At the moment, we don’t have an ETA on when the fix will be implemented, but we’ll be sure to try and keep everyone updated.

Thank you!

What about 15? Was that supposed to be 20?

Hey Tielenaar, I believe the issue was only affecting the minimum guaranteed DNA.

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They changed Gorgo description, now it’s “+50% speed” :joy: