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The new Resilient strike is broken and why no boost resets!?

I notice in PvP that the new resilient strike broken specially in videos with hadros lux, which can 1 kill shot everything and we need a boost reset quickly

Well I mean some creatures like apatosaurus and stegosaurs are a little better with vulnerability but higher rarity creatures like Lux you said is because of vulnerability

Yeah that resilient counter is so strong just got reverse swept by a lux just now, because its doing 6k back to back.
Somehow they have made lux stronger than weaker.
Now people are just going to not booste speed on it and go an even 15/15 split in health and damage.
Making its heal even worse, at least before this change most luxs had to waste some boostes in speed which helped them not being so tanky.
Also now it doesn’t really have a good counter, maybe testa, but nobody has that boosted and with no reset it makes the situation worse.

This also applies to skoona, no idea why they gave it an instant impact paired with the counter.

Sorry for the rant