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The "new" Resistance

If you’ve been in the original Resistance, you know what the rules are and what we do.

If you are new, it is just poking fun at the mods and support in a way that makes them enjoy it, but don’t go to far.

So, as I said it, have fun and don’t get banned.

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Yep, it has started. A new rule
DON’T Make fun, hurt emotionally, or do anything bad to the mods, especially the mods. And everyone who works for ludia. Plus the ambassadors

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This is unbalanced in some way. I don’t know why.

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Don’t know what you had for dinner dude… just don’t eat it again… ever


I resist being part of this boredom.

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(Y) Same


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It’s futile.



This topic: appears

Me: Not Funny, Didn’t laugh

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Is this resistance resisting the old resistance?


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I need to add boosts to my health now because even I am not resilient to this resistance. :sweat_smile: I fall for it every time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Or boosts to my armor… we can do that here, yes, @FiddleTheDiddle?

No, the old resistance went bye-bye.



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Good, I can breathe here. Boostless and succumbed to the resistance!

We ain’t gonna force ya.
What are you worrying about?

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