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The new update and those who disagree with it

Honestly I dont see much point in voicing opinions or providing arguments why this latest patch was a mistake.

1.) Ludia knows it was! They purposely sold boosts immediately before the patch and immedadtely before announcing patch notes.I seriously doubt people are gonna dish that much money out now seeing how they depreciated boosts so much.

2.) Theres a handful of arrogant, rude, narcissistic, and entitled people here that will flag posts because they disagree with you. These people want Ludia to keep the changes so bad they aren’t arguing why they are good they are simply saying they are good and bad mouthing others for expressing an opinion. Then they flag your posts. I assume Ludia has no problem with this because well they hide negative criticism about themselves because it prolly helps them feel better about themselves.

3.) Ludia dont care about the entire player base. They care about a select few the few who claim to be the oldest players and therefore should be entitled to being the “top” players. They don’t care about players that actually supported the boat system by buying boosts, they care more about players who had the opportunity to buy boosts, chose not to, and to instead complain about boosts.

4.) For whatever argument can be made for the nerf is honestly flawed because why some arguments can be made for some type of nerd or adjustment I dont see many logical arguments (other than “I like it” or “players who been playing longer should be better” … wait neither are logical) that support such a devastating nerd. This nerf was meant to kill boosts and please whiners.

I will get flagged by those who disagree and Ludia will support it because I feel cheated for buying boosts when they were in shop


I am sorry, cannot stop laughing after reading this line


Just saw I nerd meant nerf

Proof read some more you missed a few nerds




As I have already shown in another thread, this version makes boosts more important than before. I do not understand people who say that boosts are worth less than before when it is the opposite! Boosts are more important than ever! Now people with more boost will have greater advantage than people with less boost.

I agree that Ludia has deliberately thought about the version but not to favor older users if not those who spend more on boost, which seems legitimate even if I disagree.


They are trash. Ludia should remove them from the game. I thought it was a stupid idea to begin with. Ludia has zero idea how to use them. They keep resetting and screwing people over. They should just admit boosts are an awful idea and remove them from game. Actually they should just hire new people to run their game instead of having a group of bonobos patch things


Care to elaborate on your findings with hard data?

You state opinion, not facts.

FWIW, in boosts 1.0 those with more boosts had an advantage over those with less boosts, so I’m not sure what your point even is.

People have posted data showing the value of boosts have decreased. Data. Facts. Not opinion.

The only way boosts have increased in value is if you continue to play four more years. There’s no way Ludia will keep the system in place that long to realize your “increase in value”, much less people sticking with the game that long to max out a team.


It’s not hard to do the math yourself, really.

Someone with half the boosts would be a tier behind in the old system (3-5% stats) and this gap decreased with time.

In the new system that’s 3-4 tiers (7.5-10% stats) and the gap will only grow.

Js my Erlidom thats 3 levels lower and 10 speed slower than this Thor just completely wrecked said Thor thanks to the new dodge system. What a waste of 16 tiers out of 30 and 1600 speed boosts. Idk why people want to cling to the super fast Thor meta, its gone, let it go.


What kind of time frame are you using to show that boosts now hold or will hold in the future, more value?

Ludia nerfs/cash grabs occur about every six months + -

I seriously doubt your increase in value will ever be realized before the next cash grab starts.


I’m not sure what “value of boosts” means. It’s different for everyone. For those who play unboosted or only play speedtie tournaments they have no value at all.

I’m saying the gap between people with more boosts and people with less boosts has increased with the update, which was, I believe, what @xescot meant by

In addition now there’s no way to catch up anymore. The gap will not start decreasing until whales start capping out at 30 boosts per dino, which is not for a long time.

I never thought about that.
I set a hard limit at T8 and people would have started catching up in a few months.
That won’t happen now.


We will get another reset in spring 2020, as people will spend much less on boosts.
In previous system top players could boost creatures for tournaments, now this won’t be possible. Boosts worth 2000 cash (considering old value) are enough for one single tier. So spend 4000 cash a week for +5%.
I’m sure I won’t buy boosts with these expected prices.

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Exact. As the level change so far was exponential, the differences between a team with boost and a team without boost remained in time. The difference was the same but the cost of who bought boost was increasingly higher. In fact, for months the teams without boost were approximately at levels 6 while the teams boosted to the maximum were at 8. Within a couple of months, the teams without boost would have been at 7 and the teams megaboosted at 9. Same difference spent much more.

Now, being the linear increases, there will be more and more difference between the team boosted and the team without boosts. The only positive is that, since it is much more expensive for everyone to go up one level, this process of increasing separation between boosted and unboosted equipment will be slow.

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Boosts are still valuable. Think back to pre-boost and creature rebalancing. When Ludia rebalanced, they changed a creature’s speed by 1 or 2 points and it made a major difference in a creature’s performance. They do a couple percentage increase or decrease in attack or health and it changed the entire meta. Minor changes, for those that can remember back that far, made a major difference.

I see boosts 2.0 as benefiting users who do not purchase all available boosts.

There is less of a ‘power gap’ now than before. There are no 8% or 12% jumps in power increase for a low amount of boosts now, they are all equal in gain and cost. Users will rise slower, after the initial application of course.

Those that have already purchased and applied boosts will rise now. As they did when they gained a 43% increase for 254 boosts in the old system. Let them, they will be out of battle range soon for those that did not. Those that did not purchase all available boosts will fall in trophies back to a range where they will face similar strength opponents. Yes, it will be much lower than when they had that 43% increase in power for 254 boosts. But they will face fewer ‘over-boosted’ opponents now and battles will be much more equal and rely more on skill than Maxx Boosts.

That Thor in post 11? Their strategy is put all their currently available boosts into one or two and try to play the odds of getting them. If they get them, they win. If not, they lose. Many people enjoy that strategy, we saw it in the old system also.

I believe once the dust settles, users will be getting more even and strategic battles when they find their new trophy range. Yes, it sucks to have to lose a number of battles in a row now due to losing that 43% edge they had. But remember, they also rose fast when they applied that 43% edge. The game is just rebalancing.



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I’m only going to address point #2

I kept up with almost every thread the last two days and the vast majority of posts getting flagged were due to vulgar language. There are people of all ages on these forums and foul language has no place here. When people keep it clean, their posts stay. When they get rude, they get moderated. Simple as that.

Seriously this is having a very bad NEGATIVE EFFECT on the game in general… sooooooooooo
lets all step back and do the only sensible thing there is left for us all to do…
and that is this …>>>>> EVERYONE PERMANENTLY BOYCOT’S STAT BOOST BUYING from this point onwards.!.
no one buys any stat boosts NOT NOW NOT EVER AGAIN, it is not worth it because of the ridiculous cost that is now involved in buying / acquiring any stat boosts to enhance your game, we do the daily battle incubators and get a lousy piece meal reward of 3 x HP, 3 x ATK & 3 x SP stat boosts
whoopee big deal… nice compensation ludia… nice indeed… NOT !
you now charge a bleeding ridiculous cost of 100 x stat boosts per item ( HP, ATK & SP ) each but what we had back in V1.0 stat boosts cost of 4, 6, 8, 12 , etc etc per boost level and now you suddenly shift the goal posts mid game and tell us all to accept your immorally & unethically wrong staggering new cost per boost level ( 100 stat boosts per rise )…??.. get real that is not going to wash with thousands of players and it is having a direct result on the game since stat boosts V2.0 was released… we have lost 7 members of our alliance already ( out of the 7 members / players who quit 5 of them were on 4,500 plus trophies and were showing signs of getting even higher in the trophy count until you released V2.0 stat boost that was! ) and more are talking of giving the game away entirely because they all feel they were like thousands of other players RIPPED OFF BIG TIME by the dramatic increase in cost of V2.0 boosts. this was a major mistake on your companies behalf in trying to ramp up the costs of a virtual item yes that’s right a virtual item because the game elements only exist in cyber space not the real world, still the sudden grab for cash from us players is making us all wonder if the company in general is in financial turmoil = strapped for cash so badly it is on a downward spiral to oblivion on a rocket sled to hell… fast. in actual fact most of our player base is talking about stopping all battles completely both in game normal ones including any alliance battle tasks as well and if any strike towers are made available that contain stat boosts they are refusing outright to even do them at any time so how is that for MUD IN YOUR EYE i bet you wont like that in a hurry will you.?. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: