The new utasinoraptor's first shot kills 50% of dino on the planet

at level 30, the new utasinoraptor’s damage= 1590 * 1.05^4=1933, if critical success, the first shot = 2.25 * 1933 = 4350…how many dinos on dinodex have blood higher than 4350 @lvl 26??? (the new lvl 30 utarinex’s first shot is 1726 * 2=3452…not too OP yet!)

I believe within one month after the 1.5 update, level 30 utasinoraptor will appear…then it is a night mare to those don’t have one!

i think LUDIA should limit the damage of the first shot of all dinos <=3600…or next season, the green creature will be the one called to nerf…

Don’r worry.
If Utahsino is really too op, there will be a bunch of threads about nerf Utahsino immediately please

Then in next update, they will said this hybrid is too much powerful compare to its rarity. Then give it a heavy hit on face.
*based on a true story


With my success in hybridization, I will create it in December next year.

i am hunting exclusively Sinoceratops , as I had 0 DNA before this weekend. Luckily, I got it also from the Speedy duo incubator, receiving over 300 Sinoceratops DNA and together with 7 sinoceratopses shoot so far, i managed to reach level 15 and make 5 hybridizations for Utasinoraptor.

Score was: 20,10,10,10,20,10.

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It’s a toss-up between this one or the gen2 dracorex being “mini” extinction events in their own right. I’m sorta worried about draco’s new SIA move.


This is how i see it… dracorex gen 2 got a powerful new move and a legendary hybrid…sometime in the future. This move is gonna be deemed to powerful for a common and placed on a newly released unique from the said legendary.

People who ignored the legendary to overlevel the common will complain about how they wasted dna and coins.


It has like 5% chance to happen though…
A Velociraptor with crit pounce can one-shot a great deal of dinosaurs as well. So does Pyrritator.

It’s nothing special.

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I had a 20 pyrritator take out my 21 tyro and 20 allisino last night before i even knew what happened. Rtc worked very well for the opponent to put it kindly.
My 20 pyrritator was warming the bench…

Yeah, that is just what ready to crush can do.

But I am talking about the fact that if Distracting Rampage gets the 5% crit it can one-shot almost anything that is not a tank or a high hp Tyrant class.

I once achieved a 3-0 victory because Distracting Rampage did crit something into the shadow realm, then could sneak in a Ready to Crush and obliterated the other two like nothing.

RNG for ya.

Great when it’s in our favor that is for sure and understood, but Utisino isn’t alone in that level of damage like you mentioned. 5% is not a realistic number from what I’ve seen, it would happen so seldom that it would be a surprise.

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sounds to me like a reason to have a tank…

Sort of like how if Erlidom cloaks and rampages it does 6000 damage (at level 26 nonetheless)… which also kills any unarmored or light armored dinos in the game.

Shoudl’ve mentioned - that’s 9000 damage in one turn with a crit. And there’s a 20% of that happening.


Yeah, exactly. That is why I said it is nothing special, almost every raptor can twoshot light and midweigth things if they crit on pounce / rampage.

Let’s pray Utahsino will get significant nerf in the next update. Together with Indorap which is too OP too… :rofl:

I am actually super excited that stego fills this role. He stays on my team.

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Nope, there are still 5 speed tiers above it, and can easily be outsped, distracted, and/or killed.

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Im so excited utasino gets a speedy bump. Utarinex what? As soon as I get the mulah, my gorgeous baby is getting a level up :heart_eyes:

Didn’t create allosino yet, so all of these sinos dna is going straight to utasino. Hoping Utasino can be my 2nd level 30 :grimacing:


Whooooaaaa that’s a ton of sino dna!


I definitely maxed my attempts on this green beaut, but honestly one of the few perks about living in Z1. I’d see about 1-4 wild sinos a week :joy:

Need. More. Sinos. lol


since the so called migration, i only see 1 in a week…

I suppose it varies, living in Z1, my wild epic encounter ratio would be about 50% concavenator 40% sinos and around 10% Kentro/Posti.

i live in z1 too…but i see 75% concavenator, 10% TREX, 10% KENTRO, 5% SINO

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