The new VIP character

There is a new VIP match called Jax (if I saw it correctly) I am curious to find out what type of character this match will be!

:thinking: I’ve seen this match in my pile of matches but as yet i haven’t even been able to match with the current match thats available to match with, havent even seen this current match in my match pile which is wierd if hes a match that’s available for others to match with I’d have thought I’d be able to match with him before showing me the next match to match.

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Still under VIP for me. I finally matched with River after unlatching with a few characters and River isn’t new anymore

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I keep seeing the new match Jax in my pile but he’s vip only, and cowboy guy is locked away behind wall and he only showed once in pile so yeah dont understand whats going on there… and yes I mentioned in a previous post i had to unmatch with someone to match with river and am now undecided if this is a game glitch where i will have to continue to unmatch with someone to match with someone new until it’s rectified, or if it’s maybe that we can only match with a certain number of people and once we hit our limit that’s it unless we decide to just delete or swap old for new to keep within that limit

I had that problem too. Finally matched with River and even though I unmatched with a few people I still can’t match with the new characters

I caught Jax after my countdown ended and matched with him, so now the cowboy is back in VIP purgatory for me.

Jax’s plot seems to be a summer music festival musician story. He’s in town for a gig. It seems like he might be seasonal. Does anyone know if this is the case?