The New... Woolly Lion

By JustGiraffe3


I’m sorry, but another wooly hybrid? It’s already valuable and it’s a pain to get

100% rend resistance is too strong.maybe lower it to 50%?


Why not marsupial lion+Keratoporcus?


Ooooh, that would be awesome! Mixing rending and Group attacks would make it a lethal opponent to deal with.

100% rend is messedup, a creature should have been immune to get any even 33%

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Group Rending plus a Tryo/Irri RtC would be brutal against any boss and minions. Not to mention the access to MF and or Prowl. Yes please lol

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group rending takedown!
GSR but with rend!

Y’all better stop it before I end up making a Toolbox stat sheet for it. This thing would be super amazing and possibly OP.

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I will make all readjustments as you like guys.

good idea!

That name made me laugh. Lmao

Welp I made a hybrid on Toolbox. I just couldn’t help myself.


First of all any kind of distraction resistance on something that has rending takedown?

100% rend resistance is outright broken, yes it doesen’t have much hp, but that literaly makes it imposible for it’s very component to kill.

Taunt on something with barley any armour and 3600 hp?

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Happy :cake: day


Happy Cake Day!


But how is it broken? Most of the legendary fierce beat it, and since it has no speed control some of the cunnings can hold their own

It’s 100% immune to’s just not possible in JWA

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Why not? It’s unprecedented, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it in general.
I don’t think that this hybrid deserves it though, being part resilient, and not even slightly Cunning.