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The newest mortem strat

Hadros finally takes revenge on mortem and beats the mortem boss.
for reference here is the strat

Doesn’t work. Hadros can’t do RR 2 times in a row unless that is meant to be normal R

Way to make mortem rex raid boring. 12 turns!


Watch the video, the strat is to be loosely followed

My wife needed Morty just now, she completely forgot!
I popped onto Discord, got 3 friends in and we did it in 6 turns.

From asking for help to finishing the raid was 7 minutes … with the actual raid taking 3 minutes

This one would be double that if not longer but hey, it’s different I guess.

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Yeah, although I don’t remember it we have a 6 turn strategy that often ends in 5. Morty is pretty easy at this point

These are the only mortem strats my alliance ever uses:


Most reliable ones in our alliance as well. Geminititan can replace ardentismaxima.

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I mean I had fun with it. Hoping the other 3 did as well.

I definitely did

I made this strat, because it is fun and something different.

Considering Bary is now exclusive I’m surprised more people aren’t overlevelling Irritator.

oh but i am lvl 29 so far and boosts coming :stuck_out_tongue:)
a crit factory

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I got mine to 4178 HP and stopped there. It’s great for Mortem, been using it since the first few weeks. It lowers the stat requirements on the other 3 creatures relative to Tryo, so it’s better.

But why it’s so long to do ?

So good thing tenontorex championship is repeating that i can level him up to 26 perhaps

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you mena the original up the top there…cera has armour only a few hits are armour piecing and i,m guessing not heavy hitters if you had a 2k damage tryo and 2k damage max it would be alot shorter