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The Next Big Change to My Park (News From My Park - Part III)

[Note : I would recommend to read these (“Breaking News From My Lineup” and “Exciting News From My Park”) before proceeding :

Exciting News from My Park! ]

Jurassic Fury, known for his works on in-park news reports and Eolambia discussions, brings to you yet another piece of information from his park!

Sources say that precisely at 7:44 am, the fourth Megalosaurus was fused to form a level 30 individual. The Megalosaurus, unlocked at the last moment during its Clash of Titans event, had been apparently bought one after another with DNA, and over the weeks, it was made to level 30.

Meanwhile, the Indominus Rex, as seen in the picture, has been made to level 13. He looks more intriguing than ever, and even the Eolambia slightly fears him. The Baryonyx has finally come to terms with him not being in the top 3 anymore, but he swears revenge on the Indominus - he wants it as soon as he is fused with another to make a level 20 (or something around that number) Baryonyx.

To account for the lost level 10 Indominus Rex, another was bought and is currently hatching.

According to the owner of his park, Jurassic Fury says - “For every Lightning McQueen, there’s always a Jackson Storm”, and what he means is, his old lineup of level 40 super-rares and level 20 legendaries are soon going to be pushed further down the lineup.

Two Brachiosauruses are hatching alongside the Indominus Rex, and it sure would be interesting to see the level 30 Brachiosaurus alongside Meghnad in battle. Wouldn’t they make an amazing team, folks? We have no clue, though, as to why Segnosaurus isn’t the one being hatched instead of Brachiosaurus, but that’s probably because Brachiosaurus was Jurassic Fury’s first non-bracketed Dominator League victory.

In the words of the owner, “it took me 8K bucks and a lot of determination to get that Brachiosaurus. Also because it has been on demand for five years, and is very exciting for every player of this game”.

We await further changes to the lineup, as the VIPs, Indominus and level 30 Tournament Creatures slowly dethrone the veterans of yesterday.

Jurassic Fury ensures that every veteran, including the old Majungasaurus, gets a hero’s status and no creature is left behind.

[Special thanks to @anon43877113, @Dino_Rex, @Nestea, @Mary_Jo, @Sionsith, @Andy_wan_kenobi, @Predator_X, @Bandeezee, @Qaw and @Schmoo for their continued advice and amazing support throughout these lineup changes.]


I would deepen my line up further first . I am waiting to unlock Indominus Rex Gen 2,I am not going to purchase another Indominus Rex till then. I have only 1 Gen 2 which was won by luck through a pack on a spin wheel. Till then I shall continue deepening my bench before trying to raise my ferocity.

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Max your T Rex.

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You need to slow down on raising your ferocity. Timmah’s strongest creature is also at a lower ferocity than yours.

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You’re right, that’s why I added “slowly dethroning” there… Btw how’s the report? XD

The Report is nice,but you are actually dethroning then really fast. Level 40 Legendaries are more than enough for Dominator finishes.

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You’re absolutely right, but again think of cooldown costs. If I have just a few level 40 Legendaries, then cooldown would be a nightmare, hence I’m going for both - increasing VIP bench, more hybrids as well as level 30-40 Legendaries. My next move is level 40 T-Rex, Ichthyostega, Unayasaurus and Pteranodon.

The thing is, my team is capable for Dominator finishes but my top few creatures are the only Dominator-built ones, hence I’m adding more and more Dominator creatures.

I mean, a Baryonyx level 10 is still visible at the top of your line up. And your best Dino is way stronger,make the bench deeper, I agree you need to progress but progress slowly, I plan my next raise in ferocity to be a level 40 pteranodon,it will not dethrone my Indominus G2 but it will make it into the top 3,and the top 3 are needed in order to determine the PvE,not just the best creature alone.

Okay,but even level 10 VIPs are really good for Dominator.

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Yeah I agree but then again, within next two weeks this will be my lineup -

Level 13 Indominus
Level 18 Eolambia and EDM
Level 30 Megalosaurus
Level ~20 Brachiosaurus
Level 10 Baryonyx
Level 40 Tyrannosaurus
Level 40 Ichthyostega
Level 40 Pteranodon
Level 40 Unaysaurus

These are 10 creatures with similar ferocity, so with luck, this ensures 3 battles per 7 hours. Also, my experience says level 10 VIPs are good only if those ARE NOT your best ones, because one defeat leads to a wait of 1.5-2 hours… if you can afford it, then fine, otherwise not…

If you are worried about cooldown focus on glass cannons that will match your higher stuff, you would have a much deeper line up soon.

To me,2 weeks make a lot of difference as a player who has been playing for 2.5 months, Dino Rex has been playing since the Dracorex tournament,you may have been playing since somewhere close to me.

Also add @JayPoseidon and @Tommi to the post credits since the limit was 10 people


Something to consider, 2 lvl 30 Therizino’s might be a better option than 1 lvl 31+ Unaysaurus. A lvl 30 Therizino has about the same health as a lvl 40 Unaysaurus.

Lvl 30 Therizino makes a pretty decent meat shield, and having 2 of them is not a waste, even having 4 would be reasonable as you can always fuse 2 to make a 40 to use for it’s hybrid much later down the road.


@Subxero11 okay, understood… so I’ll work on both Therizino as well as Unay because like @anon43877113 said I need a deeper bench. But I think I’ll go with you and make that Therizino first because its a good meat shield, as well as herbivores are no weak creatures of my team (shoutout to Eolambia!)

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Meat shields are needed to support the fullest of a Glass Cannon. Rajastegas and Stegoceratops will serve as meat shields for my Segnos . Balance your bench alongside the meat shields. I will build my glass cannons before my meat shields,till then Rajastega and Stegoceratops will be the meat shields.

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Ceratosaurus is a battle stage unlock tournament creature,making Cerazinosaurus a extremely good carnivore. Therizinosaurus level 30 will do no regret,but I would personally go for glass cannons before the Meat shields.

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Hey broooooo… Your ferocity is waaaay more ahead than mine…:dizzy_face:… But tarry a little there. If you want to finish in Dom without spending bucks, this lineup won’t work. Just deepen your bench, add a meat shield(I am adding mine) and bring a hardcore glass cannon. That would surely help…


You only need half the number of glass cannons proportionate to the meat shields,as glass cannons have half the cooldown of a meat shield,they will do fine.

Hardcore Glass Cannons? Only Zalmoxes will do as a hardcore,Segnosaurus is not as hardcore,but way more health at the sacrifice of very little around 35 ish attack in comparison to Zalmoxes. Deinocheirus is too weak to be considered.