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The next ceratopsids and ankylosaurus

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Nicknames for ornithomoloch and pinacomoloch are armored rat and featherd rat

I really like styracosaurus, ornithomoloch and pinacomoloch but I would not give ornithomoloch or pinacomoloch swap in savagery bc that abilty belongs to the dracorex gen 2 line of hybrids and it’s self

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End the Torosaurus?

Yes that’s true

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There are so many ceratopsids but i would choose centrosaurus and chasmosaurus over torosaurus

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Genius :grinning:

The reason why I’ve made pentaboa a snake hybrid is because i want a snake with horns

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i cant really look at the stats and stuff at it since it’s so small

You used Pentaceratops twice.

Didn’t noticed that first time uploaded custom creatures

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Sorry, I meant Regaliceratops. There is No Pentaceratops or Tarchia.

I’ve had an tarchia but ive accidentally deleted the image before uploading

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I have added pentaceratops and tarchia

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Don’t forget to remove that second screenshot of Regal.

Done. Picture is removed

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But Torosaurus is from the fan favorites Jurassic Park Builder and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

Yes but as i said there are so many ceratopsids and torosaurus will definitely return at one point. Besides chasmosaurus and centrosaurus need more representation