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The next daily mission reward

Personally for me I want sonorosaurs as this for a couple reasons.

  1. Skoona got a buff not to long ago
  2. Skoona is also good in raids
    Let me know what you guys think about this.
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You’re not the only one. I’m also after Sonorasaurus just for Skoonasaurus to ditch poor Maxima…

Sono would be very good I agree.

Bet we get Stygimoloch or Bary instead though. This is Ludia after all.


I would not mind stygi for toura, but I would much rather perfer Sonorasaurs.

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Sono or Compy would be great for me :+1:t2:

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I would love compy but the reason I really want sono is for skoona which is good in the unique tournaments and would give me something good to use for the haast maxiums raid


Agreed. Skoonasaurus is a Tyrant-tier creature after all.

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100% agreed. My Skoona is lvl 25 so hoping to get it to team lvl soon. Sanctuary grinding can take a while :sleeping:

Plus compy can be darted in the wild.


agree. sancuary grinding takes a long time


It’s really a pain.

I would LOVE to have sonora as the daily reward ! It actually was in last week’s event but due to a glitch i wasn’t able to log into the game and unfortunately the support team didnt fix it before the end of the week, my only way to get sonora dna is from sanctuaries but it’ll take ages to get enough dna to unlock skoona, sonora as the daily missioin reward would be the best of the best right now!

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Very true! Sonorasaurus may be a painfully average creature but her exclusive DNA is worth farming for the best unique in the game!