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The next dinosaur is spinosaur gen 2!

I have already made a Thread for this…

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It looks exactly like jurassic world alive’s Spinosaurus gen 2.

I had said he was Reasonable the other thread!

Gen 1 looks better than this, at lvl 10 anyway, wonder how it will look at lvl 40

edmontosaur and tupandactilus also looked like those from Jurassic World alive …


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Spinosaurus was mere Bronze tier in Jurassic Park Builder and a rather unimpressive Super Rare (OPHIACODON HITS MUCH HARDER) in JW: TG (cool design tho it’s still my favorite dinosaur).

About time the star of Jurassic Park 3 gets the justice it deserves in Ludia’s games. I’ve always thought they just hated Spino for some reason lol.


same exact design from JWA it seems

yes, I say you are right

remember when they made JPB suchomimus bad for no reason :joy:

Is Spinosaurus strong in that game?

i’m talking about jurassic park builder so no lol

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Now I shall wait for Rajasaurus Gen 2… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully Spino Gen 2 has similar colorings and design to the Park Builder ones.

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ye jpb spinosaurus lvl 40 looked sick

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I liked it a lot at level 20 I believe (haha the JPB memories are still so fresh!), That greenish coloring was so pretty.

I remember Spinosaurus being one of the creatures of Builder whose evolutions I screen recorded before it was shut down for good.

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oh yea that was nice too, really all of jpb’s max designs looked nice despite the older engine

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Nice, I’ll fight hard this tournament :star_struck: