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The next dinosaur is spinosaur gen 2!

Wish they would have went all out for this one and gave it a complete re-design to fit the newish physical model.

Hopefully it actually looks decent at lvl 40 and it’s stats and cost are trash…

Actually according to an article in National Geographic , this should be an Aquatic tournament. Here are 2 Spinosauruses hunting Oncopristis:

Well has the jurassic park franchise or ludia for that matter ever cared for accuracy?

I thought that the idea of Spinosaurus fighting Oncopristis was quite funny :rofl::rofl:. But no, in a game where you can create a hybrid by crossing a dinosaur carnivore with a giant armadillo (Glythronax, I’m looking at you), I’m not expecting too much reality.

Lol. But I would REALLY like Spino Gen 2 to be aquatic.

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Well who is going to break the news to my boy here

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Ambassador does not bring pain: dear @AlangasaurusIsAwesom I would not want to break your dreams but:

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