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The next group of boss




The name Draco in Latin is Dragon and don is toothless so the name is toothless Dragon


This looks cool


They kind of took my idea with this topic.

Please heart it if you like it and maybe ludia will consider it.


This seems easier than mortem with stats. Just need to be immune to bleed, have evasive, vulnerable is an option as well as more distract.

Tura, tryo or indom, maxima and maybe a vulernable.

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How come there are multiple rares and what happed to sexy and pyrri.

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It seems that in 2.1 there will be new bosses, in FB there is a theory that one of them is going to do the Pyroraptor Boss

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Spoiler :

The next three bosses to appear in the game should be :
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Lvl 14)
Pyrritator (level 19) 5/5/9
Grypolyth (Lvl 24) 4/20/0]

They are already in the code of the game.
Thanks Gamepress for the information.

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Can you send me the link on that I could not find it

It’s an old post from just after 2.0 was out.

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Thanks alit and that’s really cool

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I’m hoping they are coming soon. I could use the Trex for Indom and Tryko, and the Pyritator and Grypolyth would be great. Hoping they keep the Mortem Rex, just got my first bit of dna for Morty

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