The Next Jurassic World Movie

One thing I was thinking of the other day, was the fact that with the pandemic it probably means the next Jurassic World movie will be delayed, if not due to the actually limits on being able to film, but also because it would be financially devastating to release a movie where most of the world cannot attend a movie theatre.

Now I definitely cant see a huge movie like JW being cancelled, so thats good, but yeah…was really looking forward to seeing whats next in store for the old clever girl Blue.

One thing I think all us Dino fans can agree on, is that a new Jurassic movie will make a great gift after a long lockdown ^_^.

So fret not, the old girl will show her gorgeous self soon enough :slight_smile:


I think a bunch of films are being delayed. All marvel films that are set to release in the next year and a half or so have been pushed back and many animated movies are moving back as no one will be in theaters to watch them if they follow their scheduled dates. Luckily they just started filming Dominion so that won’t be as bad as other films that are currently in the middle of filming. But I know for sure that Universal will not cancel one of their biggest franchise’s conclusions, virus or no virus. Just a delay

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So thats another reason for everyone to strictly follow all health advice from each of our countries health officials, as the sooner the virus is under control the sooner we can get our movies back ^_^.

And hoping our great actors (and everyone else) can stay safe!

My country Australia already had to look after Tom Hanks and his wife when they were found to be sick while on holiday here.

Oh and anyone else notice, that Tom Hanks was isolated, on a island (Australia) with a person named Wilson? (Rita Wilson his wife) lol - CastAway 2 - Down Under


Ah yes, Jurassic World Dominion. I was so excited about it, ever since I learned the whole cast from the Jurassic franchise were involved… Alas, it is delayed, but what I’m looking forward to is the animated Netflix series, Camp Cretaceous. It will be interesting to see what they’ve put together. Atleast we know that won’t be delayed and time is drawing close for its release! I can’t wait.

Was looking forward to more Marvel movies too :pensive:

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When they do finally come, just imagine how Marvellous they will be :blush:


I’ll let that one slide for now.


i heard Dominion will be released a bit later than June 2021. I honestly think it doesnt matter since JWA should be gone by 2021 due to running out of ideas and whales.

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If you want to know anything about the Jurassic franchise, Klayton is your man. Excellent channel.

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Thanks mate will check it out :slight_smile:

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Last jurrassic world movie made me sad. R.I.P Brachiosaurus😪


I know ay, when I realised it was the very same Brachio from the first JP movie I was sad :frowning:

JP was the first film I ever seen at the movies as a kid so it brings back memories!

I was a combination of sad and mad after that scene. I was hoping someone would swoop in and save it! :pleading_face::sob:

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I just said that it was good for it to be back with it’s ancestors. Extinct. :rofl:

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I’m very excited about the movie and really nervous. Especially for my girls Rexy and Blue. If something happens to them, I will riot! :wink:

I could always pretend that the stories of its demise were greatly exaggerated. Lol :laughing::sauropod:


Rexy for sure will survive because not only is she a beast, but during social distancing due to her short arms, she is incapable of touching her face :relaxed: