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The next non hybrid legendary

What creatures deserve to be non hybrid legendary. For me it’s clearly rexy. Perhaps dire wolf should also be a non hybrid legendary with a signature animation since he isn’t as big as Andrewsarcus or megistotherium


I feel as though the non-hybrid legendary spot should be limited to creatures that “leave a mark” on the franchise if that makes sense. For example, as you said, rexy, the staple of the franchise definitely deserves to be the next legendary. Perhaps when dominion releases, we can see other creatures that can have potential to be legendaries


Yes they’re definitely remaining for guest characters . But the problem is that there aren’t that many. The only left are toro, rexy, the barry trio and possibly the new atrociraptor squad characters and like bumpy has shown these can also fall in the normal creature category. However perhaps this niece can be filled with gen 2 and 3 versions if there’s gonna be a new version of certain species in the movie


If they ever make aquatics in JWA then the mosa

I feel that only Rexy and maybe The Big One could be non-hybrid legendaries. The other stellar creatures aren’t that important or popular as them.


I never thought of that! It would be perfect!

I agree rexy should be in the game, but maybe the trex lux?

Yes I know how dum it sounds but I think it would be funny to have almost all the non-hybrid legendarys to be lux’s

Or maybe chaos from camp cretaceous

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Perhaps the jp3 raptors. I would bame them velociraptor sornaensis

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One proposal could be new gen 3 creatures, such as a tyrannosaurus with the JP3 design.


Or jwtgs pteranodon gen 2

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i think comsognathus gen 3

What do you think of the t-Rex lux?

velociraptor lux