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The next raptors and large theropods

Warning : some of them could be op

Commons :

Rares :

Epics :

Hybrids :

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Look at zuchengoraptor as thors balanced cousin

Albertoraptor has two Group Shattering Impacts, maybe replace one of them with Definite Rampage or something.

Gonna do that. Didn’t noticed i made two same moves

Teratosuchus: Teratophoneus x Scolosuchus (What I’m calling Skoolasaurus)
Torvocephalus: Torvosaurus x Amargocephalus
Albertolophus: Albertosaurus x Monolophosaurus Gen 2
Dromaeodactylus: Dromaeosaurus x Dimorphodactylus
Austrocerops: Austroraptor x Megacerops (Brontotherium)
Achillotaurus: Achillobator (not Archilobator) x Purustaurus

Nice ones. Pretty cool

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