The next step...improving my lineup

I’m really happy that my coin trap is doing it’s job, my Alangasaurus is pretty much generating 1 million an hour. Whilst I’m going to keep trying to max this padock out, I think I need to start turning my attention back to my lineup which had been neglected for a bit. (I know there have been tons of these posts but your all so helpful and steer me from making the wrong choice)

At the moment I’m trying to fuse the rest of the super rare hybrids as I’m pretty sure they would provide a solid stepping stone until I can unlock some legendary hybrids (unless you recommend I doubt I’ll take many over level 20 or 30 at the most). I also think the next best thing is to start getting some level 31+ legendaries to help me progress further and get into dominator league.

Right now these are the creatures that are still pretty useful

Just for reference since they are on cooldown, Diplotator is 26, Apatos is level 7, Rex level 25, presto 6, Shunosaurus 26 and I think the others are pretty easy to make out.

Tourney creature wise I’ve unlocked Troodon, Ceratosaurus, Eryops and Gorgo.

Ostopososaurus was just a lucky pull I got a while ago from rarity rumble.

If anyone can gives some tips on what my next steps should be, creatures to focus towards, creatures not to bother with, I’d really appreciate it.

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I would say continue to increase your coin output, as the amount of coins you have is pretty low imo. While doing this, you can try to adopt the clear market strategy and stock up on Apatosaurus Fossils. These trade very well for food, DNA and DB. You can also trade them for coins if your coin output is really too low but that is not advised. Don’t bother hatching out new stuff or fuse stuff that will affect the top 3 of your lineup yet, just feed them to 500 attack and under.


The reason its so low right now is because I’m buying lots of decorations for my park so I’m spending them quite quickly. But thanks for the advice

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