The next time you’re on a losing streak

Just think about this one!
I started the day off here …

And ended the day here…

Hopefully this lets you feel better about any losing streak you may be on!


Next battle!

Newest rank!!! Ha sometimes you’re flush and sometimes you’re bust!

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too many arenas imo

I think the range of matching with someone +/- 450 trophies is what causes such drastic rises and falls in rank.

As the game gets more players, I hope Ludia decides to narrow this algorithm.


Matchmaking As for now the matchmaking is ± 450 range trophy.Lots of players including myself have had lots of streak losses of 6-7 or 8 matches in a row.We could prevent that if after 3 consecutive losses the next match (4th one) will pick an opponent from the trophy range of -450 instead of the game researching the trophy range above us.So this will give us the opportunity to face a lower player and stop the streak of losses, and stop the frustration of trying to fill an incubator slot.

ps:the same applies to the player that we have beaten

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You’re probably not gonna get too much sympathy from us who are stuck in the Ruins wasteland :laughing:

Before long your team is gonna stomp ours, you’ll collect a bunch of incubators and be back where you belong!

That’s kinda nightmare for everyone :astonished:
I hope you’ll get your trophies back

  • or - 450 once you get up there is an absolute amazing difference between teams. I think you’re right but who knows what they can / will really ever do about that
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No sympathy needed, it’s just a post to get a good laugh at and see that it happens in the upper levels to those people too. You’re always fighting someone on the other end who is trying to win too so ups and downs are gonna happen.


Very true. It is now a rollercoaster with such a huge tolerance. Was at 4920 yesterday which I knew I was misplaced and dropped back to earth just trying to get an incubator today. Currently at 45XX which I think is where I should be.

I’ve dropped 750 points in two days. I don’t want to hear it. Lol
About done with this stupid game.

The issue is the matchmaking range of +/-450. I really want this to be dropped to like 250.

When I peer through the ‘5000 looking glass’ which is Lockwood and I encounter teams of no less than 3-4 Uniques.

I know, I was just trying to make you feel better… no sarcasm here.


I’ve lost close to 700 trophies in one sitting. Went 3-30 so no it doesn’t help. Especially when I can even break 3k or when I do it utterly destroys me when I do. So no it doesn’t help.