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The next tournament?

On FB today they teased the next tournament…

I think it is the Tupuxuara based on the feet (yellow arrows), the wings (green arrows), and the head bump (the blue box). It is also a tournament creature.

Here is a picture of it in its cage:

What do you guys think?


Not sure if the head crest is large enough for Tupuxura. That leaves Darwinopterus based on current Ptersosaurs. Also, Tupuxura had a tournament within the last nine months. I need both, so whichever is fine by me. And any new creatures are always welcome

On the other hand Darwinopterus appears to hold her feet closer together when flying

Darwin also has a tail and there is no shadow for a tail, or at least I didn’t see one on the FB post…

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Got me there

Apparently, there was a Darwinopterus Clash of Titans back in September. Pretty sure I would have completed it then. So, I definitely have a preference regarding the two current tournament Ptersosaurs

It could be, but for all we know, it could be a new pterosaur.

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I had a dream …
(no I didn’t, but wish I did)
That this was the shadow of a metriaphodon.

Metriaphodon also has a tail unfortunately.

We have our answer:


:sleeping::roll_eyes: Already got this unlocked. But that’s to be expected after a full year in this game, I suppose. Congrats in advance to those who don’t yet have this and will make dominator.

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