The Night Lights and trading

I want to discuss about 2 things:

  1. The Night Lights - When are you going to add the Night Lights for crying out loud? I know you guys said they aren’t gonna add them until you know what they look like as adults and you don’t want to make “fan designs”. The HTTYD Franchise has finished it’s last chapter and we don’t have Adult Night Light designs. If YOU yourselves want to add them into the game. Just ask DreamWorks for the designs and they might give/make them to/for you.

  2. Trading - I know that you have something similar in the arena. But how cool would it be to trade resources for other resources. For example: coins for fish, fish for coins, coins or fish for dragon eggs, etc…
    Another resource trading idea is trading resources (coins, fish and eggs) and even TRUST POINTS with clan members (something similar to Jurassic World Alive). These 2 suggestions are really cool.


Trading of any kind is terrible idea, would make things worse…secondary accounts to make trades with main, offgame blackmarket, etc.


I already posted something about trust point trading. As for those dragons… shudder I don’t even want to think of how overpowered they might be.