The Nightlights

The “How To Train Your Dragon” Franchise is officially over, no more movies, shows etc. So when are you going to add the Nightlights?

I know you said you won’t add them until you know what they look like as adults and you don’t want to make “fan” designs but like I said, DreamWorks is done with this franchise, meaning no adult nightlight designs.

Maybe ASK DreamWorks to make some adult designs for you?

You have to add them at some point, you just have to.


Heck yeah, add those cute little trouble makers! Give them different interesting powers and abilities. Make sure there’s three of them xD I suggest you give them a power of boosting 30% spirit for all the other dragons in the team though, that would make sense to their characters and it would make them really wanted. I mean for real though, who wouldn’t want some Nightlights?!?

We should get them added as 3* dragons alongside some other smaller dragon like terrible terrors that max out at 3* and them be like crazy powerful for that rarity, make basic bouts easier.

Honestly just keep them at their first stage, problem fixed (rise of berk and school of dragons did the same).