The nights of the raptors


It could be the title of one of the next movie in the Jurassic series but I am referring to a surge of vraptors spawning toward the evening, i went hunting about 4/5 times between 9pm onward and everytime I got no less than 8/10 vraptors, is that common? Just curious


Yup, it’s common. Velociraptor and Majungasaurus are the most common dinosaurs at night in every zone as far as I know


Right, the epics are fricking hard to find, today I found a epic T-Rex for the first time in days and I was so excited/nervous I got the crappiest score, lol


Hahahahhaa that happens a lot. Doesn’t help that tyrannosaurids are (at least for me) very hard to hit. I get crappy scores even against Tarbosaurus and Allosaurus so Rex for me is like a nightmare.


Raptors were known for being highly intelligent pack hunters, and the high population of raptors in certain areas on the map indicates a pack out on the prowl.

But then again, I tend to look at things in a different way from most. It’s probably best to not pay attention to my theories. LOL


:joy::joy:That makes me feel a bit better, we can only try our best :v:️


Same. I dunno what it is, but any Tyrannosaur is hard for me to hit (save for the small wiggly aquatic things that no one cares about…holy crap can they boogie).


But the same Diplocaulus/Koolasuchus are sooo slow, you can easily get direct hits all the time.


But they wiggle. The wiggle is too great for this shooter, so I often don’t bother with them. And they can still boogie for something with a long thick body and short stubby legs. I actually get better hits with Nundas to be honest and Stegos because they’re so common in my area, along with Einiosaurus, Apatasaurus, Velociraptors, and Majungasaurus. Of course, we all have different skill levels. Where you can hit the Wiggle-saurs, I can hit Nundas.


Hmm, I would put Nunda in the same category. Crocodiles (…suchus) and Frogs/whatever (…caulus) - both small targets, but kinda easy.

Stego, Einia, Tricera … are another category, but still really fine.


Nundasuchus, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, Euoplocephalus. I’d say those are the easiest for me, in that order. The diplocaulus-like ones are easy enough now but I struggled with them at first, I suppose I got used to them. The hardest ones are always the tyrannosaurs, and I don’t know why. They are big and slow, but I can’t seem to get direct hits at all :sob:

Crocodiles seem to be very hard for me too, like sarchosuchus or purrusaurus, but for some reason, nundasuchus is still the easiest for me. :thinking:


I can pretty much agree with everything said in here, a note for Dalek62771 thought, I very much like the way you formulate it, maybe true or not, still, gave the game a layer of involvement and “reality”,