The non gender character

keep forgetting what there name is but have tried at least 2 times now to match with them& failed. not shore if it’s just that they have no story line yet to be able to match or if there connected to someone else’s story & thats the issue

Nico DeLuca – They’re currently unavailable with no counterpart listed.

thank you for that. altho do hope that changes soon.
would like to talk to them

No problem! And agreed! I’m interested to see how their story goes.

maybe there will be more at some point who are at least a bit like them,maybe creatures. would love more creatures to match with. love the “fantasy” ones

I think it’s Nico and Queen B. I assume they’re counterparts.

It doesn’t look like their stories are available yet. I’m interested to see what they’re about.


would be good to talk to them for shore,queen looks like a makeup artist at the very least so that would be fun,always do well with the ones that are artistic in some way

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