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The ‘not enough energy’ bug

Well this is a new one on me. Part way through a battle it says ‘reconnecting then tells me I don’t have enough energy and throws me out. The battle stats say 0 trophies and 0 medals and that it happened 18261 days ago! Luckily I didn’t’t have a full win streak, but I was chasing ‘win 5 battles’. Now I have to wait ages for the energy to regenerate.

Just looked again at the battles and this one has disappeared. I did take a screenshot so have proof,

Hm, this happened to me too, but I guess since I had more energy left in the process of reconnecting it used one extra energy… in your case I guess you did not have any more energy, so you could not continue the fight…

Hey NightLight4, could you send the screenshots to our support team here at, along with your support key so our team can take a closer look? Thanks!