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The Nublonic Parasite Outbreak!

The Nublonic Parasite( all info in JWA Artwork) has infected its first host!

We need precautions to protect your dinosaurs from this parasite.

We will need some Hybrid dna from you guys so we can cure it, otherwise all your standard dinos are dead!

  1. Quarantine any infected dino
  2. Avoid contact
  3. Don’t hunt for long periods of time

For arena fighting and raids…

  1. Give dino a mask
  2. Keep your dinos distanced
  3. Don’t interact with dino for atleast an hour, that is when symptoms show.

Stay safe and adventure cautiously…

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Oh yes! This is great.

Have you seen any infected dinos?

not yet, what am I looking for?

Slim, kinda slow. Barely breathing.

Lying down to often, and resisting to eat or drink.

Honestly just sounds like a sloth. See this thing!download (1) They should add this in

Those are stage one symptoms
Stage 2
Then they have a slight heart attack, lack any fat or nutrients in their body, first stage of mental breakdown.

Constipation, and dehydration.

Stage three is fatality.

Full Body Breakdown

( Further info via private chat me)
This stage is the most quick one…

gross! Please stop!

Sorry, but we can’t doing anything with the parasite now.

But hopefully it becomes less aggressive.

Maybe when most of the host are dead…

Still no dna, so no research can be Achieved.

There, sorry about the graphic disgust. But just remember, this won’t happen again.

C’mon guys, we have no dna, no research done, and very little hope that any of your dinos will survive.

Uh, isn’t that the Black Death?

bad news looks like mortem rex got infected.



Yes it did.

Black death- bacteria

Nublonic parasite- parasite.

How to give us dna.

Just put a number down in a post. Don’t need anything else.

Let’s wait until it kills phorursuara that thing is so annoying nublar would be better off without it.