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The "offline invite" notification system is amazing!

Thank you for that. It makes finding raid buddies a lot easier, and it also allows you to be invited in much more raids. Although bugged, it’s an really amazing improvement.

Same goes with abort and retry raid options

Now just a reminder (because I made another thread about it before) what would make raid organization nearly perfect:

  • A lobby chat. It would help to create the perfect raid team, to think of a strategy etc.
  • An option to allow non-leader players in lobby to send invites (@Mudkipz 's idea). Sometimes the leader doesn’t have enough active and raiding friends but other members do. This would shorten the time of finding raid members even more
  • A raid finder matchmaking system. Sometimes you just want to do a fast raid without wanting to wait for friends. A raid finder would be the perfect solution, although it probably wouldn’t do well without a chat that I mentioned before

This way or other, keep improving raids. You’re doing a great job!


Thanks for the shout out! I hope they do this.


Honestly all of these would be so helpful! The raid finder system would also be really helpful for people that don’t have a lot of friends/high level friends, or are in a low level alliance/no alliance.