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The Oily Beast

Having gained information of the Oilyness of this majestic (and oily) creature, sources have proved that Professor Fury and King Cheese have made groundbreaking discoveries regarding the creature.

“Both Rajasaurus and Ichthyostega are oil-neutral like all other creatures”, says Cheeseking. “It is the fusion that caused so many oily traits to emerge in Rajastega”. Professor Fury observes that the coloring of Rajastega seems to be the best indicative of it’s oilyness.

Oil Excessive beasts are very rare according to studies, and just as rare are Oil Deficient creatures. Identified among the latter are Rajakylosaurus and Diorajasaur, both descendents of Rajasaurus just as Rajastega, have been known to prey on their cousins.

The Rajasaurus Consortium tries not to pick sides, they cannot help but try to sort things out between their Oily and Oilless descendants. The Pyroraptor Collective backs the Oilless while the Ichthyostegas said something identified as “glub, glub, glub”. Do not interview an Ichthyostega while they are swimming, noted.

A tearful General Stegaoil said to our trusted news sources, “they kept pestering me and called me names like Oily Oily.” We await further updates on the ongoing Oil Raid.


Honorable mentions to @Cheeseeater for the valuable research contributions. :oil_drum::white_check_mark:


beautiful, Love it,
now new story ¨the oil beast and the infinite glitch¨

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Mmmm yes Cheese. Oil :oil_drum::white_check_mark:


Very nice fury. Your stories are great. I wonder how long it takes you

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A reoilly long time :rofl: