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The old days

Ah remember back in those days, back when the game was rat free, boosts didn’t divide the community, Thor didn’t exist and trko was the only unique. ( I think I also believe erlidom was there not sure) but ya. And when gorgoshucus had this kit

Sorry about the quality


wow. just wow. That kit. I vaguely remember something like that. maybe just the adrenaline something or other. (could be thinking of the wrong dino as well)

not gonna lie those days sound super boring like with tryko being the only unique and such… I personally liked the ‘Raptor Meta’ era of the game.


True but there were way cooler unique moves and diversity in the creatures

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Plus I said I think this was the early stage there could have been more I think magna was also in the game to but I’m not completely confident. I’m looking at old Gamingbeaver videos to make sure

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Ya those were cool days

I loved the days of einiasuchus and the common raptor. I was always so confident going into the arena with them :joy: :muscle:t3:


Right it was so fun back then

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Nunda was a beast also!!! Miss the ol’ guy

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Okay can confirm that maybe erlidom was in the game since indom was.

But like look at these stats post was soo quick

And who remembers when hadrosaurs were quick honestly don’t know why they made them so slow

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Damn, I never saw this kit in my life :rofl:
Those moves look interesting, they could have kept them to give to some other creatures. I don’t know why adrenaline surge was removed, it was such a cool move, better than adrenaline pulse. It made more sense increasing the damage with the name adrenaline on it.

Ya I think it work better than dig in for ceratopsians

Like imagine monostego having that it make up for that attack

I think dig in is good for them cause of the shield, it fits them imo. Adrenaline surge feels much more like a croc signature move, and I guess it was at the time. Hope they bring it back when introducing a new croc.

True but then they probably have to lose the lockdown ability plus if ceratopsians act like rhinos I think the name works

Omg I remember this


Well it was just on the more agile croc-like creatures(like posto and kapro) not all crocs. The other crocs are the ones with lockdown. I guess we’ll never know if they acted like rinos :laughing:

Sweet damn, so that’s why tragodistis is so fast :rofl:

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Lol ya true. Who knows but I like to think any enough concepts more looking back on the old days

Indeed, monostego really needs an attack buff lol
A hp buff would be nice too