The older creatures now desperately need updates

It’s getting out of hand now. The older creatures are now basically worthless by comparison to all the newer ones.

Their movesets are incredibly basic and lacking, and you really can’t do much with some of them. I’ve had some of my older ones lose to the newer ones, despite being over double (!) their level, and with boosts added.

I’m not saying make them all as viable as the latest dinos, but maybe, just maybe, they should at least have some sort of worth in-game?


Flocks. The greatest drastic power creep in recent updates since it dramatically made a majority the lower rarities and most notably fierce as said in another topic near worthless. Then there’s good ol reliable Tryko the 1st unique in game thrown aside like she wasn’t the meta in the game’s 3 years by things that barely existed 1 year. AND NOBODY BATTED AN EYE JUST BECAUSE THEYVE MAXED HER UP. Sooo many more examples. All of this neglect just to get everyone spending on those new unecessarily op creatures. Diversity is NOT changing the Must 8 Every. Single. Update. Diversity is adding more substitutes NOT REPLACEMENTS to those must 8 and you. Don’t. Have. To. Make. It. So. Blatantly. Ridiculously. Obvious.


The biggest problem is that Ludia doesn’t pay attention to these creatures. New uniques get added like Compsocaulus, Scorpius G3, and Phorurex, and a bunch of uniques are instantly bad because they don’t have the stuff needed to stand a chance against new threats. This could simply be fixed by buffing them. For example, Dio has literally no resistances, giving it no chance against many creatures that utilize negative effects. Instead of giving Dio something new, it gets ignored and only the meta creatures are focused on. It gets even worse for lower rarities. A good amount of creatures have only been changed minimally since 2.0, if they have at all, meaning they stand no chance in the new tournament metas. Group attackers like small sauropods and stegosaurs are virtually useless against flocks like Argenteryx, for the simple reason of them not being buffed to counter flocks. If every creature in the game was buffed to the point where they would be at least somewhat viable in their respective rarity tournaments, Argenteryx wouldn’t be top tier, and would have creatures like Nodopatosaurus, Amargocephalus, or Kentrosaurus to counter them. Do you know how cool it would be to use those unused creatures in tournaments and crushing flocks with them?

In summary, this is by far the biggest problem with the meta. Despite 280 creatures being in the game (with more to come), a very small portion is actually cared about.


Erlidom is a prime example of this, minimal speed up strike whats the point when scorp can swap in for 30%
Like all it has is the revenge cloak which can be removed easily.


At this point, I don’t know what would be harder: catching the dozens and dozens of now irrelevant older dinos up to the meta, or bringing the relatively smaller (but still significant) number of top tiers down to the level of the older dinos. But one of those needs to happen. And it can’t just be trickled in one dino at a time like with Testa and Skoona, it needs to be the entire cast at once.


Should be part of the policy: Every new update had a couple new creatures, their hybrids, and then one or two old dinos that get revamped to be more meta relevant again. Maybe one of each rarity?

imo new creatures are just too good, if i were able to play a single match with the current phorurex, testa skoona or whatevs in older version like before 2.0 that match would be a 3-0, i think older creatures shouldnt be buffed but newer ones should be nerfed bad


I say overhaul of these creatures in 3.0


The best thing I can think to do this would be in 3.0. We got massive creature changes in 2.0 so it may happen again in 3.0(hopefully in a few months)

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This is too true. So many of the old creatures serve basic roles and have simple abilities, whilst the new creatures have abilities that do thirty different things, have complicated and wacky attacks, alert abilities, blah blah blah. Scorpius 3 has 3 Unique abilities, CompyC has 2 Unique Abilities, Arctovaslias’ ENTIRE moveset is Unique and it looks like someone slammed a keyboard. The old Uniques need to be refreshed and revised a little so they can compete with the new ones and weaken the Power Creep a bit.


I really think it needs to be everything at once. It’s more work, and there’s more risk. But if they just do one or two at a time, they’ll just milk the two dinos they DID buff for all they’re worth, just like they’ve done with Testa and Skoona. Meanwhile the power creep will continue climbing in the background, eventually making even the newly buffed dinos irrelevant (and the older dinos even more so). Nothing would change.


Everyone has been talking about P2W. Well now it is that more than ever. Let’s see who can keep up with boosts and gold. My guess is not many.


The best flock is dodo, as it will sacrifice itself which creates a balance. I fought it with my epic and I won. I also remembered I got killed by spino gen 2 in two hits.

Dodo is 1 of the few execptions of flocks being not that ridiculous. You have both compies archeopteryx coelhaast and the dammed pidgeons making half the roster from risky to use to useless. Look at blue troodon and pyro the top epic cunnings before. Then theres kelenken and ornitho for rares. Compare them to those i mentioned. Not only do they straight up lose most of the time you got those pests killing half the things our poor power crept cunnings losed to. Even velosrhacos is risky. Nothing in the lower rarities 100 counters most flocks because of how outdated they are in a single patch or atleast a majority of the old ones

Yep. Instead of resistances we should have a abbilitiy change in older creatures

Coelurosauravus and coelhaast are also rather weaker flocks

Don’t you mean sinokota for the legendary? Coelhaast is getting an indirect buff next patch just because of argent mirror matches

Actually they should have both since full immunity isnt a thing anymore. Approriateness mostly based on the class system no matter how loosely defined it is should be a major basis for the most part. Variety is welcome aslong as it doesnt cause too much problems

Excuse me, but coelhaast weak? This thing is potentially the best legendary in JWA rn, it might seem weak compared to argenteryx but you can’t get a fair comparison if you compare it to the most overtuned epic ever. There’s a reason every top 50 team in this month’s coin tournament ran coelhaast. There isn’t a single legendary that stands up to a coelhaast running into megistocurus, it’s that strong. For epics, argenteryx is the only one which counters coelhaast without the fear of it running into megi, but with the new patch coelhaast beats it in h2h now.

Getting back on this thread’s topic, I agree with OP that old creatures are getting heavily powercrept. Tryko is the best example, it has barely changed since 2.0 but went from being in 100% of top 100 teams to basically 0%. Skoona and hadros were pressuring it hard early on, compyc made it even more unviable, and scorpius was the final nail in the coffin for tryko.


Despite many talk about powercreep, I wanted to talk about a certain group of creatures that have gotten barely any recognition whatsoever, and are complete garbage for no reason. And these creatures are Nodopatosaurus and all of its hybrids. These guys have really good potential as flock destroyers, and could save the meta if ludia felt like buffing them. However, ludia doesn’t.

Nodopatosaurus: This creature has amazing bulk, being 4800 health with 30% armor. This is a total bulk of about 6857, which is amazing. However, this creature hasn’t been given the right moves to make it useful, and its moveset hasn’t been changed in a very long time despite its flaws. Group Decelerating Strike and Taunting Rampage are some of the worst moves in the game, and Nodopato could’ve easily been given Group Decelerating Impact, Decelerating Rampage, Resilient Impact/Rampage, or something along those lines. However, this creature’s current damage output causes it to lose to even Cunning creatures, which is embarrassing.

Nodopatotitan: Overall, this creature is pretty mediocre. Its two biggest flaws are lack of group damage and lack of a rampage attack. There is absolutely no excuse as to why Nodotitan shouldn’t have these, and it would make this creature miles better.

Stegodeus: This creature seems pretty good, having great bulk and a decent moveset. So why is it lacking? Well, this thing has NO RESISTANCES WHATSOEVER. This creature would benefit greatly from immunity to speed decrease and vulnerability, as well as some distract resistance, but this “stegosaur god” gets absolutely nothing.

Gigaspikasaur: Gigaspika is by far the worst of the Nodopato hybrids. Why exactly? Well first, this creature’s ingredients have 4800 health and 5250 health. Gigaspika has 4350! This gives it even worse bulk than Nodopato. If its bulk isn’t that good compared to Nodopato, it should have some good resistances and abilities, right? Nope. Its moveset is very similar, but only slightly better than Nodopato’s, and it has absolutely no resistances whatsoever.

Ludia really needs to focus on buffing these guys rather than giving slight nerfs to flocks until they’re balanced. It’s both an easier solution and something new to make the stale meta interesting.