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The one JWA move worse than dodge, cloak or stun


Moderators, what’s the RNG statistic for having this message pop up?



i typically get that when i’ve won more than ten matches in a row - i assume it’s ludia’s way of making me ease up on all the other players.

also, i’ve never gotten that message.

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I was just about to make this post… server quality honestly seems to be getting worse. Passenger seat on a trip home from work… two phones both playing jwa… one couldnt stay connected the other had constant gps issues that required multiple app restarts.


That’s every day for me.

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that only happens if i’m playing at home on wifi, leave the house and switches to mobile data. press reconnect and it’s good to go.

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This must be nice… living in a rural area i bounce back and forth between lte and 3g on my way to work… those not only cause disconnects but i sometimes i have to restart the app cause it still thinls im disconnected… then theres the random disconnects whem im in the house connected to wifi.