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The One & Only, Geminititan

Literally, the only one in the game.


Lose immunity ? Damn

Congrats good stuff. Going to be awhile for me xD

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Congrats bro!
This would be fun for a level 30 Boss tower!

Its pretty!
I got these two unlocked:



Geminititan looks beautiful! Sooooooo want it :heart_eyes::hugs:

Literally, the only on I’ve unlocked was Purutarus.

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That’s my goal… still far from it… Can you show us the stats?

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Wow it looks amazing.

But i think it is way to bad… nice hp but nothing else …

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Stats are in the 2nd picture

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HP-6360 ATK-1100 in lv26…
Yes, just as they mentioned, more HP than Apato (6000).

Even more OP than Apato.:thinking:


Yeah, silly me, only later I noticed where the stats are now. Thanks

Woohoo Congrats! I might skip on it, though. Her kit doesn’t seem all that great with all the heavy chompers out there.


Yeah, I’m hoping it will get a buff in the future… The way it is now, it’ll probably be just one more victim of Thor, Tryko and Magna… Tanks are ruined in this meta. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think a distracting move (with damage) could do a little more for Gemini than Instant Distraction… It has no bleed move or counter-attack to take advantage of… so ID will just delay the inevitable.


Sweet - my Diplo is just shy of L19 but I have the other component covered; am I right in saying there is no way to get Diplo in the wild, just incubators? Not seeing it in the spawn guide (but could be looking with my elbows) - I was up early when the Android update dropped.

While I despise that it’s a carnivore (just how many pterosaurs would it have to catch to sustain itself lol) it does look pretty cool. That HP is insane, and Decel Rampage is one hell of a move. Having instant distraction to continually use it is this things defense against chompers, and it also trivialises erlidom. Wouldn’t want to face this in a friendly

I wouldn’t wanna face @Marktheshark in a friendly, period! :scream::joy: haha

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And since Diplo is event exclusive, I suppose it’s really the one and only in the game :joy:


Yeah, unfortunately her kit has little to inspire. I think it has solid potential, but it’s lacking in some way, especially in a meta that favors high damage/defense shatterers

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Yeah the only time Diplo’s been available was in Season 4 tournament dna prize, a weekly event around I believe either Christmas or thanksgiving, and then the alliance rush reward. Other than that, Ludia’s made Geminititan a limited commodity

Thought so - I also got some in one of the recent themed epic inbubator strike towers.