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The one thing I can't agree on

…is that Boosts 2.0 is OK because “it’s the same for everyone.”

Since we just found out that the Boost multiplier is 1.5x, we can finally sit down and analyze the end result. Let’s use Tier 7 as the benchmark, since that is what most Boost-buyers had their team set up with. T7 in 1.0 cost a total of 254 boosts (for Health and Attack). It now would cost 1700 to get to approx. the same Stat increase (+42-43%).

First off, we need to ignore the massive Costs of Tiers 9 and 10 in Boosts 1.0 because they never made sense in the first place. Paying another 1500+ BC to get from T8 to T10 and go from +46% to +50% was always meant be reserved for the whales.

To my point, it is not OK to dilute the value of our existing Boosts by 78% (T7 costs 1700BC, up from 254, and then I factored in the Boost Multiplier. 254*1.5/1700=0.22) just because everyone is diluted. The reason comes down to Hard Cash purchases in Boost 1.0 System. It cost 500HC for 25 boosts (let’s use 37.5 after boost multiplier)…would players have paid that (often by converting real $$$ to HC) if they knew that they were paying 500HC for 37.5% of a Tier Upgrade for One Stat?

The answer was clear for Ludia: (1) refund Hard Cash, or (2) use a better measuring stick for the Multiplier. Using Tier 7 (which I believe is a fair representation), the boost multiplier should have been in the 6-7x range (1700 / 254 = 6.69). We got 1.5x.

Bottom Line: A change in the Boost system was probably necessary. What Ludia did to the valuation of player’s Hard Cash purchases was a travesty. It all comes down to fairly accounting for Hard Cash purchases in Tier 1, not the merits of the 2.0 system at face value.


Tier 4 is the new tier 7.
There. Nothing changed.


Let’s try an analogy to get this point across better.

What if you could have paid $50 real money to instant upgrade your Thor from Level 26 to 30. You evaluated the cost and determined that it was worth the investment.

Let’s put game integrity aside for this analogy.

Now, a month later, Ludia determines that the 4-Level upgrade offer is now only worth 2 Levels.

“Hey, it’s Ok, everyone’s Thor is two Levels lower now.” Again, throw me a bone and ignore Thors that were already capped out at Level 30.

Would you have valued a 2 Level upgrade at $50? Probably not, math tells me you would have valued it at about $25.

So the new rule devalued your Hard Cash, and by extension your real money, by 50%.


That’s not tier 4

Bad comparison. It’s just inflation.

Let’s agree to disagree on your definition of inflation.

Yeah. But this just increases the distance between the spenders and the rest

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So the new system doesn’t scale like the old one. So?
I faced this stuff too. Even worse. People put everything in 2 dinos. That makes the new system completely bonkers but you can’t say you lost money.

I was just saying about the tier 4 new norm. The new norm is tier 4 thru 15. Tier 7 was the norm due to costs not being worth it for much higher. We will have a greater range which sounds good but will actually be bad for the game

If you bought a stock for $100 a share and it went down to $50, would you say you haven’t lost money because you still got your share?

If the value of the dollar halved? No problem.
Your comparison makes no sense

If the value of your dollar halved, you would expect your share to be valued at $200. Thats inflation, Tielenaar. Anyways, I’ve said my peace.

Doubled. Whatever. Point is that if the entire economy has half ad much to spend, not just you!, then nothing changes.

Unless he is talking Venezuala, that rate of inflation is crisis levels, and I would NEVER put money into a system with that kind of inflation.

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You, and others making this kind of argument just don’t get it. The point isn’t that everyone is in the same boat. The point is that I WOULDN’T have spent the real amount of money I did for the value I now have. I DID buy what I did, based on what I was getting previously, they then took that away and gave me something else. Bait and Switch. Anyone who hasn’t spent real money, this stinks but they haven’t really lost anything other than time playing the game. For those that spent money, we have lost value of our money. There, simpler to comprehend I hope.


Wouldn’t you?
I have this feeling that this current boost system is better for sales. So it’s very likely that if this was here since the start, you would have spent just as much on it as you have now, if not more.
It’s very difficult to hypothetically think about this, but this is definitely possible.
I do understand however, is that you want to have the choice about how you want to spend your money, without that changing afterwards. Be it the same economic value or not. But in the long run, you bought the same, to give you the same advantage over the same people.

(Also, something completely unrelated, but don’t you budgetize for gaming expenses? Like, 10 dollar a week, not more?)

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The point is that Ludia incitated players to pay for something that lost its value in 1.10.
Once they thought that they have taken enough money, they changed the rules and told the players that they can spend more money now to get the same thing.
I predict that the rules will be changed again in a few months to get more money


I’m not so sure it lost its value, but it sure feels that way.
For me it all just scaled down massively, with the effect that you have to make more choices. You can’t boost everything, and not very high. It’s a bit how it was at the beginning, but now you can steadily climb up instead of facing a tier 7-8 wall.

IMO, you have the choice to use your old boosts that lost most of their values, or to pay again to get more boosts.

His point is correct. It is unfair to people to paid hard cash. It’s not the fact that stat boosts are worse for everyone, it’s the fact that they devalued them. Now you need 100 boosts for one tier which is insanely expensive. Hopefully, that means they’re more plentiful, but that’s unfair if you already bought them at their previous value. Ludia stated we should be able to earn 1 tier up on a stat per week, so ~100 boosts. Before the update we made 28 per week (4*7 from the daily incubator) for one stat. That values 1 boost way less than before.

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