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The only acceptable Dodo

Behold, the majestic dodo.

Would get a unique hybrid with Marsupial Lion to replace that useless prowl and replace it with Acute stun. Because that would definitely make it better, right? Right?

…Where are you all going?


absolute perfection!!!


I love this idea you Made it is fantastic love the swap in mutual fury

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Is there an award for most niche creature ever? Because this would definitely win, love it tho


Why is it so bad? Even for a common if it swaps in instantly dead if you lead with it it does 33% damage and instantly dead maybe I don’t get this niche thing but it seems rly weak possibly for swapping in when an opponents does a non damaging move? But one hit or swap and it’s toast knowing Ludia tho they will probably give it instant rampage instead of acute stun

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It needs more damage, 10.000 damage is enough for it


That attack stat doesn’t get used for anything, which is illegal.

If you swap into a non-damaging move, you outspeed everything in the game, and your next attack will take out 51% of the opponent’s HP. So if they’re below that percentage, they’re toast, and if they swap to something that isn’t rend resistant and has no SIA that affects it, then that creature is toast, because it will die in 2 hits.

I think it should have On Escape Rampage to give that attack stat some use and make it slightly less niche imo.

it could potentially do 50% damage after that swap in altho clealry dodo would just be added for fun and probably would be horrible