The only game in the world you get penalized for getting stronger

I’ve recently boosted my dinos some more and leveled up two of them. Guess what happens? Yes, I start facing stronger opponents and my avarage trophy count actually drops… I’m sure you can relate… I’ve never faced so many levels 29 and 30 as I’m facing now (mine are 25-26). Such hard work to get DNA and coins for this? No sense of progression at all… It’s like one of the recent topics around here said… What is the point?

So I ask, once more, like many others have asked, to put the matchmaking back the way it was in the past. It’s better to deal with arena droppers than with this.


Yep. Leveled and boosted some dinos, consistently about 100 trophies lower for the effort.

Not to mention the teams that average about L24 that are way up the leaderboard.

Genius programming.


I wish it was just a drop of 100 trophies !
I’ve dropped 300 by levelling up a Magna from 21 to 22 in the past week , and it still gets taken out in one swap in rampage from the rat .
The reward for building your team up is absolutely the opposite of what it should be , and even when I take it out of my team I still face teams way higher than mine .


welcome to the club.
let me just quote myself:

100 trophies down for me too. Meanwhile I see many players with level 21 and 29 in their team, probably to take advantage of this matchmaking…


If this is a petitiin to change the matchmaking back to trophy count, then count my vote in.


This is slowly working for me
I get matched with 27-29 level teams usually.
Roughly the same win rate as I had with my real team, but when I win, I win big trophies.
When I lose, I lose small.
I’m one win away from my high score but am taking a break for the day


I didn’t see much changes in lvls, but certainly in speed. Boosted speed of Erli and Rinex. Suddenly face 155 Erlis and Diloraches, 152 Rinex.

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noticed this too.
when i applied only boosts i immediately faced boosted even more.

matchmaking is here to guarantee i will always face better monsters, no matter how many levels or boosts i apply.

maybe the real matchmaker code is for encourage you to pay the money look for boosts.

i had procera tier 4 speed and was facing 147 speed dinos. then i applied tier 5 (149 speed) and here comes 153 speed utasinos. today i applied tier 6 for procera, 157 speed. then i started to see dinos faster than before, but proceratho was NOT SELECTED anymore for my battles.
procera is my highest boosted now, and its rarely selected. its my best dino, but i cant use it, then lets loose.


seems there are many more things matchmaket does than Ludia told us.


What makes even less sense is that it costs more to actually level up a dino rather than boost it. You think that Ludia would favor gameplayers that level up rather than boost…obviously they do not


Who knows but maybe they have some sneaky algorithm that matches paying players against none paying players lower lest boosted teams to ensure they win and keep them happy and buying more.


because large amounts of dna you can get hunting.

boosts only from $tore.

free boosts are nothing compared to what is being offered from $tore.

What they need to do to overturn this boost for now is to change it to LEVEL FIRST, instead of SPEED.
In this case, hardwork still pay…

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matchmaking is 100% broken


To be fair, the Pokemon Lucario has a mechanic that lowers/raises its damage output in Smash Bros. depending on if it’s winning or not.

Not nearly on the level of boosts, just something to mention.

But you got to be winning for that to happen. It’s cause and consequence. In this game, we are NOT winning… then we evolve/boost… and win even less! You simply don’t go anywhere :joy:

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Do we know for sure that boosts are even taken into account in matchmaking? Just asking, cos I see no evidence of it whatsoever. Team level,certainly, trophies, probably, boosts?, nahhh, otherwise what’s the point of boosts?

The real punishment is when you climb the ranks with a powerhouse team and suddenly can’t find an opponent for 20min at a time. It takes forever to get matches. And then you just get stuck in the 2min countdown after all that waiting. Fun stuff.


I’m certain it does… I’ve been put against teams with all creatures 3 or 4 levels above mine, but way less boosted (so matchmaking considered it balanced)… And as others and I have said here, the more we boost, the more boosted our opponents seem to be too.

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Aiight, let’s agree to disagree. Seems little point in boosting anything if it’s gonna put you against higher opponents. Ludia isn’t that daft, they sell boosts to give the whales an advantage over the plebs, not to put them up against other whales, If boosts are weighted at all, it’s very, very low. Leveling dino’s? Hell yes, forum is full of folk saying that since the first day of boosts.

There’s a reason there are suddenly a bunch of new team level 26/27 players in the top 250 or so, they kept their levels down, and boosted the crap out of them, they’re playing the current matchmaking algorithm. They weren’t there 6 weeks ago.