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The only one that I would like for a future update of jurassic World alive

I would like a unique hybrid of 2 of the most hated creatures in Jurassic World Alive, they will say that it is impossible, but if they have made a hybrid of a Crocodile and a Bird of Terror nothing would be impossible. It would be great: Procerathomimus + Indoraptor Gen 2 = Procerathoraptor


Super hybrids can’t have another hybrid


Not yet, at least. Eventually they’ll run out of other ideas, and I think there will be 4 (or more) dino hybrids eventually. Still though–Heart attack–No…

Or, y’know, jokes aside, even if they made that hybrid it might not be much worse than its components :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It’d be like Dracocera when it was first released. G2 Draco was better on its own. Then they nerfed G2 Draco to make room for Dracocera’s supremacy

But still, just for fun… What would it do?

HP 3800
DMG 1500
SPD 131
Crit: 20%
Armor: 0%

Cautious Strike
Definite Distracting Rampage (Or Cautious Rampage? :thinking:)
Instant Distraction
Evasive Stance


Nodopatosaurus makes 3 super hybrids so don’t get your hopes up on a super hybrid making a new breed of hybrids. They can make 3 hybrid lines for all sorts of dinos. No need to go above super hybrids.

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ProRat doesn’t need a hybrid it needs a nerf and left alone.

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Don’t give them such scary ideas… Imagine Prorat with CS instead of NS and DSR instead of ID

Why? It needs a nerf but should have a hybrid

Ehh, why so we can just have another proRat that is better than current? Maybe it needs 60% armor too. Doesn’t need anything. Its op and a mascot for boosts. We don’t need anymore of those.

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Health: 3,900
Damage: 1550
Speed: 131
Crit: 20
Armor: 0%

Cautious Strike
Nullidistrating Rampage:
Instant Distraction
Evasive Stance

We here have created the most hated creature in the game: procerathoraptor.

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If Prorat’s hybrid was a hard to make legendary or unique, he wouldn’t be a problem.

I just have to disagree but am sorry. It’s very annoying with its kit that gets it featured in multiple weeks. That alone can tell us, it does and has too much. Personally the only prorat hybrid I want is proRat+rat poison. Ludia killed it for me its nothing now I just hope it goes in the trash like the former rat. Nuisance/annoyance and yawn material.

so its easy to get anyways.

It doesn’t do too much. Indo G2 does more things with CS than Prorat can do at all. Prorat is extremely easy to counter in upper arenas, he’s a problem just because he’s an epic and destroys tournaments and lower arenas. If his hybrid had similar strength but was legendary or an unique (therefore harder to make so harder to overlevel), it wouldn’t be problem at all

Guys I have question. Is ardentismaxima worth making.

I know its easier to deal with in the arena. But it tarnished tourneys. And that has made me sick of it completely. Plus before my team grew up way back I had similar issues. So I was already sick of it. I’dvrather see it die off but I know what you mean. And I think prorat is more annoying than ig2 personally. You can bleed it in tourneys etc or slow it at the right time.

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I don’t think those creatures making a hybrid really makes anything that much different. It would just be the original indo2 when cautious strike also had a cleanse.

Gemini, maxima, and mammolania still win, so it’s not too horrible

Proceratithomimus is really not so bad there’s a lot of counters in the higher arenas and it’s definitely way easier to take down then Indo g2