The only thing about the update that I can't stand is my lvl 20 ankylocodon is useless now


I had him nicknamed “Whittle” because he could stand against virtually anything except nullify dinos and take down a significant part of their health. Gsuchus, Rex, Irex, anything. Since they took away his immunity to shield breaking he’s half the Dino he used to be. So much wasted DNA and coin.


Exactly! Why in the world would you drop an ability the dino has had the whole time! Seriously makes me angry. Different people play with different dinos for a reason. Taking away a dinos main ability is RIDICULOUS! Not nice people! I want it back.


I approve of this post.



In cases like this they really should at least give a compensation for everyone that invested so much on a dino that is completely nerfed, feels bad man :frowning:


Like some sort of refund by deleveling it back and giving your resources (coins and DNA) back


My lvl 18 feels your pain


#SaveAnkylocodon and everything I put into my lvl 19


#SaveAnkylocodon - My level 18 has been shelved :frowning:

Wish I could break the dna used to fuse it back down so I can use it for other dinos.


He did not “always” have that ability. It accidentally became immune to shoeld break in the last update due to coding, and they finally put it back to the way it was.


It was a glitch that came with last update b4 1.4 maybe don’t evolve glitched Dino’s in attempt to milk the glitch?? He is a rare and shouldn’t counter epics, legendaries+ that are designed to hard counter him


It will be funny next update when everyone that evolves sucho for the glitched swapin bleed gets the glitch fixed making sucho useless again. Just don’t make the same investment in lower Dino’s that ludia have acknowledged are glitched


Have any of you ever complained about a dino and suggested that it should be nerfed? If so, let this be a lesson to you. You favorite/best dino could be nerfed at any time. Imagine having a level 25 get nerfed. Don’t ever suggest that a dino should be nerfed because it could happen to you next. I guess this one was a glitch, but you get what I’m saying.


Said this hundreds of times now. Shields are not subject to immunity. Armor is not subject to immunity. Defense shattering was always meant to shatter a shield, immune or not. Armor piercing was always meant to pierce armor, immune or not. These are not “status effects”. A shield is added to the defensive formula, but it is not a part of your “base stats” and thus you are still immune when your shield is eaten.


i think this change was made NOT to nerf ankylocodon itself but rather this change means we have more immune+shield dinos coming and they would be op without this change. ankylocodon is just the wet to burn with the dry