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The only way this game stays relevant

Hello, there are some serious issues with this game and with Ludia as a company. Most of these issues have one root cause, corporate greed.

Ludia you sure do know how to suck all of the fun out of your games. You take a promising game and then tack on pay to win, massively expensive packages that are no where near worth the price tag. You require so much gold and dna to grow dinos but provide very little of both without paying loads of real money for your packages.

So ultimately you’ve created a slog fest where you either spend hours each day for years in order to reach a dino level over 20 or you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to do it faster.

You shoot yourself in the foot doing this. If you would charge $1-10 maximum for your in game purchases you would entice more people to purchase rather than 1 in 100 person buying a $99 pack you would get 50-60 out of 100 buying a $10 pack with the same rewards (let’s face it, it doesn’t cost you a penny to offer any of the in game items)

You also desperately need to add a 0 to the end of every gold gain in the game. Instead of 63 gold for spinning a stop it should be 630 gold. The gold costs for growing dinos are insanely high and gold gains are extremely low.

You are greedy and corrupt and you seek money first and customer satisfaction last and it will be the death of your company as people wake up to your corporate greed. I encourage everyone to cease purchasing in game product across all ludia games. The only reason they get away with this model is because people shell out tons money for lines of code.


That’s kind of how mobile gaming as a whole works. The problem with the game lies in the arena . The new shores matchmaking discourages going in, and trophies get stuck up there. This matchmaking was caused by a select group of players demanding real PvP, which wouldn’t be a problem if we had a decent pool in the endgame. @Evicton correct me if I’m wrong, but only 10% of the playerbase is in Aviary and up, which means very few in the endgame, leading to less true PvP, which that group of players doesn’t want.

Also if coins and DNA being scarce is your problem, I think you aren’t exactly working for them. I play daily and get a lot of coin hitting all
the big strikes and drops, as well as saving my HC and grinding arena and the coin tourney. It’s not that hard, just takes patience


It’s more like 10% in avairy and another 10% in library and up but yeah.

A lot of people really understand how much this games pop issues affect match making. Like this games concurrent users probaly maxes out like 10k and have of those are doing raids or tourneys. Cause that’s why we can’t have weekend raids… add in to that people just hunting and strikes and of that 10k only like 2-3k are in arena and those players have hundreds and even thousands trophies separating them.

I will say the whole “that’s how mobile gaming as a how works” is really based off the older mobile business model that this game uses. Beyond games that sell strictly cosmetic items. Apple is literally building the mobile version of gamepass for 180 games with no micro transactions for 4.99 a month. And a few of these games are poking at console quality.

If Ludia was greedy as opposed to unthinking, we wouldn’t see Shores matchmaking or limited boosts sales. There wouldn’t be sanctuaries and instead Ludia would be selling exclusive DNA incubators akin to lootboxes.

The solution for Ludia if they wanted money would be to make more things purchasable rather than grindable or worse just not accessible.

Shores matchmaking is the anti-logic option to the question of how to make money. Its below do nothing and sell boosts daily Why would you spend if Ludia treats your financial support as an insult and sticks its finger at you to appease a minority of the paying customer base?

Microtransactions are 1.way but it’s hard to reel back the sheer expense of their sales items. I would buy smaller chunks if given the option but Ludia doesn’t sell much to.start with.

How would you get a decent group up to Shores when they are being bled for every trophy they earn for the duration of their time in Shores?

A whale team like mine cannot even stay in Shores for the whole season. I drop in and.out of Shores and I have 10 or more viable maxxed creatures. This is why I am insulted by Ludia’s actions. Its bad customer service and shows Ludia doesn’t care about money. Just appeasing it’s friends rather than its paying customers.

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