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The only way to counter dracoceratops


I think if we had an immune creature with lockdown ability it would be a good way to sort of balance the deacocera meta. Thoughts?


The fan idea of having crocs with passive lockdown would totally help with this draco meta. Can’t swap in if you can’t swap out.


it depends, if they use regeneration and the dino survive the attack, and if you don’t use a pinning hability the draco it can be use another time


What if crocodiles obtain a SIA called “swap in lockdown”?


Usually someone who swaps in a dracocera uses regen pretty quick to avoid the one shot. The 100% stun is what gives it the upper hand. An immune creature is obviously immune to stun but with a lockdown move it can use it after regen or force dracocera to stay put instead of using the old I-Rex strategy of swapping out only to swap right back in to utilize its abilities.


I don’t use Dracoceratops and don’t see any problem with her. Swapping her out is risky enough. The next dino will take full amount of damage without any chance of preparation. You can also use that opportunity as an advantage and turn the tide of the battle e.g. slow, distract, or even stun her. You can win the match if you play wisely. :smiley:


What if all dinos obtain a SIA called swap in shattering rampage? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Meh, I do not think that’s a good idea


Unless there was a swap in evade move, like 100% guaranteed miss from the attacker

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I think with high att can make dracoceratops regen useless


That’s good, but only if you survive its SIA


Its SIA is to crazy maybe dev should change it to swap in shattering impact


It‘s totally okay how it is now. Learn how to use your dinos properly and stop whining all day. Thank you.

btw: when are alliance missions are back?

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Wow never heard that suggestion before. :roll_eyes:


Problems with croc is the lockdown ability or pinning strike is more of a liability rather than an asset in many scenarios. I’ve used dioraja as a pinner to counter the swappers, but because most swappers have very high damage, so the only thing you can do is put up your shield first if you use dioraja or grypo, otherwise you will die, but if you put up your shield, you cannot lock them and they will still run away, doing massive amounts of damage to your dioraja or grypo. Finally I have to bench her.

The only way to improve pinning dinos is to make lockdown a passive ability (combine it into counter attackers) or combine pinning attacks to other defensive abilities. For example, pinning defense, or pinning protection, you put up a shield and pin your enemy at the same time, so you won’t die while you pin. And of course, their stats, especially health, should be improved dramatically. Both dioraja and grypolyth are glass cannons, not even considering they are tank types.