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The OP proceratomimus!


The new proceratomimus hybrid is going to be a high tier dino and heres why:

It will probably have 29-31 speed and that will outspeed many! And nothing will slow it, wound it or distract it because of it’s awsome immunity!


INSTANT DISTRACTION: this will be really usefull when going up against a really high-damage creature. This is espescially usefull against DSR!

DISTRACTING RAMPAGE: in the new update DR will have a 1-turn delay, but that wont be a problem since you will probably use evasing stance first (or insta cripple) however, this does 2x damage! And since this dino will be a quite heavy hitter this will be great! This will also help decrease attack to 0% (10% if damage is boosted) combined with Insta distraction!

SWAP IN NULLEFICATION AND NULLEFYING STRIKE: a nice tool to swap in and ruin the party! Also a strike with the same effect! A good ability to remove cloaks!

EVASIVE STANCE: a priority move that is all about that RNG! It’s a good quality, but you gotta be lucky! If you manage to dodge all 3 turns it’s a absolute UNIT!

I think this will be a really good hybrid… what are ur thoughts?


I hope so. Since they finally slaughtered Monomimus, I hope to find a worthy alternative to replace dat once awesome chicken.


hopefully as proce is an arena exclusive we won’t see lvl30 hybrids running around :smiley:


I’ve been looking forward to one new dino of the bunch and this one is it :heart_eyes:

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When the patch note released that night, I already felt it was a OP dino …

I just do not understand why it is only an epic. When everyone levels it up, will Ludia make a unique out of it in 1.7?

It is also very difficult to level up as one of its component is a battle-exclusive dino. I really want it on my team, but I do not think I can level it up to a competitive level.


it will be the new mono and will end the same way :S


Id be carful overleveling it. IMO it will either get a nerf next update and or a hybrid.


I think it wouldn‘t be a bad idea to lvl her up to 15. :slight_smile:
I think I‘d also go further but lets see how her stats will be.

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How much proceratosaurus DNA do you have?


It’s safe till lvl 20. Unique starts fusing at lvl 20.


Ignore the fact they’re L15 :persevere:

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wow that’s really good! Should be able to level it up to lvl 20

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Dont think il bother with either for a while. Ive got even more edmonto… Got some expensive lvls coming up and need to try get Darwin to 20!


Yes but what if she gets a legendary hybrid? :slight_smile:


you have to risk it for the biscuit :smiley:

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thats true lol.


Are the unique birds even good?

Stygidaryx is better than Pterovexus in my opinion, but again, Stygimoloch GEN2 is battle-exclusive. It needs a lot of DNA to level up …


dont really have a bleeder on my team and I like the idea of an immune bleeder. Ive saved alot of mono for it too.

  1. Pterovexus’s health will be low (They nerfed darwin HP, and mono HP is low already)
    Darwin 3000HP Mono 2700HP Pterovexus is probably 2850HP
  2. Its bleed abilities (Swap in Wound and Swoop) are not that good compared to other bleed moves (lethal wound or Lethal Swoop).

I personally wouldn’t waste my coins and DNA on that. Not all uniques are good.

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True but it can distract, pin and nullify. Thats also true but they tend to buff uniques and nerf everything else.