The op rex

If your asking i made this for fun. LUDIA DON"T ADD THIS IT WOULD BE TO OP!


This is only a little overpowered. seems pretty balanced to me! (JK)

HAHAHA this is just for fun

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this is underpowered
needs a MAJOR buff


I like it, what the current rex should be like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dam man be nice if was tru :smile:

Almost rivals my wonderful indominus Tex which does that wonderfull Indy which does 8,000 or 12000, wait until its level 30. Currently only 25. I think op Rex is just a little out 3000 attack out of my leauge.

Jk,my Indy be making a new move at the sight of this thing: Cloak and Run


Would you guys want me to make another one like this?

this thing is like the lord lythorax boss but stronger

Hey all yall’ just go to suggestions and i have made a dinosaur that i want in the game that i think would be good! get ready for the new… Deinodonminus!

i saw it and its nice :smiley: