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The open letter from GamePress

I’ve just read the open letter to Ludia and to us, the players, from Jessica on behalf of GamePress.

I highly recommend you all read it too, and while I can’t tell Ludia what they should do, reading this letter can only be a good thing for them too.

The forum has become a toxic place, and communication between the Ludia devs and us is pretty much non existent. I recall a mod saying on here some time ago that the devs don’t want to come on here because of the toxicity from us.

After reading the letters, I am happy to think a bit more before posting when I’m not in a good place about the game. Hopefully this will lead to a bit less negativity from me. And I’m the first to admit that I’ve been as vocal as anyone else with my negative thoughts since June 2018 when I found this forum after playing the game for a few weeks.

Suffice to say, I love this game, and still do after almost 18 months of playing it. I want it to do well, I want to see more new players, new features, new dinos, etc…and despite my negativity the game still offers me and my family hours of enjoyment on a daily basis.

So finally, I’ll say it again. Click onto the GamePress site and read the letters. Hopefully you will feel the same way as I do, and we can make this a less toxic environment, and more of a community that is shared with like minded people who enjoy the Jurassic experience with the game that allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of Dinosaurs.


For the lazy :wink:


Thanks for the link PQC :+1:


very well said @Schtemty :slight_smile:


Thank you for this! It was written from the heart and I truly hope this becomes a better place as well.


You eternal optimist you :kissing_heart:


I messaged my gang last night and said the following;
“I know Ludia has done some really off the wall selfish and crazy things lately, more than ever actually. I really love the game, our alliance and really hang onto the thoughts of things improving.
2.0 boost rework was a huge step in the right direction although it did cause a ton of frustration. Today’s chaos was definately a test for all of us. We are an alliance and yes, it is an alliance within a game, but we work together, grow together and support each other. I guess what I am getting at is I know there are other games and other social avenues to meet people, but having both in the same place is a really great thing.”


lovely leadership @Kodiakhunter1


Thanks for this letter, @Piere87. :heart: We can all use a little love and positivity. :pray:

I’ve gone ahead and shared this thread with our devs.


I really think if we had more positive people on here this forum would be better, in turn Ludia would be more willing to listen and make the game better. I think right now Ludia doesn’t have a fanbase, just players who spend money and grumble. If Ludia stoped Being soooo clumsy, and we became more supportive it would be better for eeeevvvveryone!


No why should I read it? Ludia knows what they do.

For example:
New Update, Halloweenweek - very high dna fusing numbers
Updatetime is over - just 10 in fusing.

This game is rigged and ludia knows it, people can feel it and clever minds know it too.

That’s the reason for all the negative feedback.

Just stop rigging the game!

  • do a real, not rigged, random logic for fusing
  • get rid of the winner/loser pool matchmaking
  • fix the Chat
  • fix the reconnect
  • stop erasing allready loaded mapdata when darting a Dino
    And so much more.


This may sound extreme, but players aren’t allowed to say good bye on the forum which is understood although it is somewhat disheartening in my opinion. Could the guidelines for the mods be modified (see what I did there :wink:) so they are able to shut down the threads that fail to offer anything constructive?

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Lol I love it! It’s a very good idea. I think some people deserve deserve to be able to say goodbye, like @Hersh he definitely should’ve been able to tell us he’s leaving, we shouldn’t be wondering why he doesn’t/didn’t post anymore. He was somewhat positive, but he was a big appreciated part of the community.


Thank you, @Schtemty, for bringing the letter to our attention!
Thank you, @Piere87, for caring! :heart::kissing_heart:
And thank you, @PQC, for posting the link!


Not to be a negative Nancy, but you only need to look at any one of their other games in this same forum web page to see they treat all of their games the same.
It isn’t just JWA. It isn’t just this one forum.


Well yes, but how many positive people are on those forums? Ludia doesn’t have a fanbase, just a playerbase they get money from. If Ludia cared and tries, and us the community was positive and constructive for whichever game it is, I think the game will be better.


There’s always that one…:joy:


They are a company that sells a product.
You are basically saying if “Yugo”, a car manufacturer, had more friendly customers, their product would be better.

I get what people are trying to do, make the forums less toxic. I believe Ludia needs to fix that, along with us fixing it, but they need to take the first step.

Right now, this all feels like Fyre Fest to me. We’re almost there, the customers just need to spend a little more money.


It’s a natural human emotion to be upset when something goes wrong beyond their own control. That’s a fact, and I don’t believe Ludia has ever actually done things to deliberately antagonise us, but inevitably when things change it will upset some of us.

What this is about is our reaction.
All too often it’s a knee jerk reaction, and the pack mentality means everyone jumps on board making it a free for all to voice our discontent.
The problem is that this then becomes a ‘them against us’ situation, instead of a mutually satisfying alliance between the players and the game makers.

I’ve made decisions relating to what I am and what I’m not happy to do within the game. These decisions may change with time, I may be prepared to spend a bit of money again, I don’t know yet.

But what I have learned from reading the letters that Jessica wrote, and from reading the forum in recent months is that our vociferous outbursts rarely (if ever) make any positive difference.

Perhaps a more reasoned and friendly atmosphere could change things in a much more positive way.

So if nothing else comes from this, I’ll certainly try to be a more upbeat type of poster