The open letter from GamePress

There are good parts to the game as well as bad. Like this!


I read the article and its very well said and I agree!
However it all comes down to Ludia and their repeated issues that many times aren’t compensated which has caused a toxic community.

See us humans are creatures of our environment, now you take the sweetest person in the world, and force them to live in the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, they are going to end up toxic.

Exposing someone over and over consistently to:

  1. Unfixed bugs (alliance chat wrecked a year later dispite it being a massively issue in game).
  2. The feeling of being utterly ignored by the company.
  3. The same “fixed” issues that happen over and over again (those who don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them).
  4. Issues that can cause loss of time and real life money.
  5. Sweeping game changes that massively effect the game, and in many cases causing the feeling of being ripped off.
  6. Not dealing with issues that make the game worse, things like Rat, Procerat and boosts simply because they earn them money, even though that money is coming at the expense of the players frustration and misery (though I can see why goading a player into spending would be good for profits)

Give all of those things, is anyone really surprised why the community has gone downhill?
I will be the first to admit that my very own posts have gone toxic compared to back when I was enjoying the game and making game suggestions and stuff, but I say again, given all the issues which mind you KEEP HAPPENING, is it really surprising?

Also the article mentions being patient about things and giving them time, but to that I say, patience isn’t a permanent state, its a temporary thing you do until something occurs, and patience also wears thin over a LONG time…I would say in the case of the broken alliance chat (which still isn’t fixed) is at a point where enough time has passed that we should be able to say “Yeah that was fixed ages ago”…but nope.

Also it doesn’t help that they seem to make bug fixes that affect THEIR money with super speed, such as patching the strike tower giving free premium incubators in 16mins…if they can fix some bugs so fast, why does it take a year (and counting) to fix ones that affect the players.

I can only gather its because the higher ups clearly don’t play the game, if they did they would know the need to fix many of them. But no, they take dev time away from fixing things that affect the players and instead use to it make shinys to distract players.

Anyway, you take the sweetest person on earth and abuse them for a year (and yes someone massively invested in the game can feel that way) they are going to go bad!


Problems with the Devs - the community asked for i.e. tools to assist Alliance leaders many-many moons ago. What do we get? An improved “street lamps”… :joy:… So, be patient.

Problem with the management - the community asked for value for our money i.e. cheaper prices of incubs, better returns on our VIP subscriptions. What do we get? Our purchases are devalued i.e. boosts and increase in sales prices. So, be patient.


I have done a lot of work in leadership development for Fortune 500 companies. Part of that work includes customer service. One thing that comes up time and time again is the notion that ‘nature abhors a vacuum.’ This is especially true when it comes to customer communications. If you don’t tell people what’s going on they will make something up, and it is almost always worse than the reality of the situation. Ludia talking to its customers would be a huge step in the right direction.


I agree with everyone here who has over 5 hearts. Looks like all the peeps with at least some clue of how things work have made a bunch of great comments.
I’m on vacation, so not gonna write an essay :wink:
Great letter! Good work as always.


all this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

Us asking for more communication from Ludia that is…funny how much changes in a year… or not.


Like 5 hearts per post, or 5 heart in entire topic? Lol.

Per post :slight_smile:

The only thing keeping me going in Jurassic World Alive is patience. Patience that the game will eventually get better, what with the rat, procerthomimius, etc. I’m just glad someone feels the same way as me and is trying to help others see that too.

(Ludia, I understand you want to help with mods, managers, and staff. I know I make fun of your company, but that doesn’t mean I will give up on the game. I will play the game and do it the right way. Also, don’t flag this please. :hushed:

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I am sorry that the developers are taking it so personal, but in my opinion, negatively or positively charged posts should be seen as PURE GOLD. It’s free info, free feedback, and a super-direct window to your players hearts. Yes, hearts. I don’t believe that anyone who dislikes the game would bother to come to the forums and voice their opinion.

I wasn’t aware they were so indifferent to our words though, and learning this actually breaks my heart.

Your players, JWA devs, have been there for you, reporting everything, trying to help you make the game as close to perfection as possible. Letting us know they don’t bother to come here is shutting a door in your face. Calling our feedback toxic is actually very disrespectful.

I feel a bigger change is needed from the JWA team, more than from us. Because if you read the forums, even the negative comments reflect how much people are into the game and love it. They really should rethink their PR. Different people will express their opinions in different ways, the trick is knowing how to extract the point. The abuses, the disrespect? You ignore those, since nothing can be taken from that other than, well, the abuse.

I understand that for the developers some words can be harsh. I know that we players may think that some issues are easy to solve, when in fact, they are not. I know the feeling of putting love and sweat into something, hoping for it to shine, and it doesn’t or gets “hate”. If any of us stops to think, we are probably all aware of this.

But, when lots of things are going wrong, PLEASE talk to us, or else it is obvious that the players will feel ignored. And when you combine that with players that cash in their hard earned money and hours of their days, well, you get JWA forums right now.

Again, I was worried about the game before reading this, because all of the new bugs and lack of communication, which reflects already as a red flag.

I’m sorry, but you really shouldn’t blame, at all, players that invest so much on your product.


I was all ready to sit behind this letter and say we could all do better. Then it just took me six battles to get my daily battle incubator and receive one incubator. Now I’m thinking one group in particular can be doing better.
Look, part of the “fun” (how do you put a past-tense on a noun) of the arenas was the challenge and brain game of outsmarting your opponent, but when faced against opponents who are several levels above your team average, you just want to call it quits as soon as their first dino comes out. Honestly, matchmaking is so messed up, I’d battle AI 100% of the time just to get my incubators and go.
I have a number of gripes like this, and yes, I have had a few reactionary posts, but I have always tried to walk it back to a more intellectual approach.
I get it Ludia, this is a business for you, and ftp players are not your focus, but after I complete my dinodex, I don’t have any motivation to continue. Or to put this in better business terms, you have not made a strong case for me to invest in your product. I’m sure the ads I used to watch and some of the Tapjoy offers I claimed gave you something, but my overall point and likely that of many other complainers is that you’ve made a better argument for cheating than for investing in your product. I don’t want that, you don’t want that; how do we fix it?


YES! I would LOVE battling A.I 100% in the arena.


Woot - I got 5 - you agree with me now! Oh wait, you said ‘over 5,’ So six… Darn, need one more…

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Wow. And Ouch.

Yeah. This feeling that after 1 1/2 year of grinding and leveling up a uniqe dino from level 25 to 26 and:

  • Getting slayed because it’s not boosted
  • Getting one-shotted of the Dracocera

Yes. To give a proof for the management. Level 30.

I talk about the Erlikospyx.

And now I need boosts. Like:
5 x health (5 x 2000)
5 x damage (5 x 2000)
5 x speed (5 x 2000)

Yes. 30.000 green cash.

And I’ve grinded for 1 1/2 year.

This feeling makes people giving up the game. And it’s probably worse in the middle arenas AND I guess it’s those players who come to the forum for the first time, register and write stuff out of frustration.

Please explain the logic about my Erlikospyx. How to use it? How to battle with it WITHOUT spending more cash then grinding for 1 1/2 year — 547 days.


I cant understand Ludias logic when it comes to arenas…they want us to buy boosts for the same price we used to, except they decreased their effectiveness among other thing.

Then they want us to buy more boosts then the people were fighting… so we can get that alanqa dna… an epic most of us have a rather large stock pile of already from its time as a daily which was the entire patch daily missions came out in.

And before anyone tries to tell me that alanqa dna is for new players… not with the insignificant they will gain.

Id love for some of the top players to weigh in on the amount of boosts theyve purchase with hard cash… and the dna rewards those boosts have earned them.


I really think communication is the right way, thank you for that letter.
However I will keep posting „I quit“- threads. Why?
Because 3 of my best friends who played this game for over a year all quit within the last weeks.
I just stick around and naively hope for a change that is not gonna come.
There are a lot of issues but the main one for me which doesn’t get regarded enough is, that once you’ve boosted a dinosaur you have to keep him in your team or waste insane amounts of value.
So in the end you decide now which dinos you get stuck on for the rest of this game.
I haven’t boosted mine for this exact reason, and lost about 90% of the joy I experienced with this game.

That’s why the threads are negative. You can tell people to be respectful, they should be. But being positive in this situation is a challenge I won’t be able to master.


They fix mistakes they make within a few hours, unlimited coins at supply drops. Premium incubator for strike tower instead of scent.

They short change players and nothing but crickets for days.

Unfortunately, I believe they have made their statement clear.


Let’s be patient. I’ve seen only 3 Green drops. Only 1 (One) Irritator.

To get 30 attempts at my sweet Irritator needs patience. Lots of 'em…:joy:


After reading that the mods are not going to follow up any suggestions we make to the devs about the game, I wish I hadn’t bothered writing this thread now.

I feel like it was a complete waste of time and effort.

How do you feel Jessica?

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Mods seem powerless. I don’t think the message came across, but knowing that this letter is at least passed on to the dev team is hopefully a start.