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The open letter from GamePress

the creating Phase it’s allways easy. There are allways excellent fusing number till you crest it.

Now bring it from level 24 to 25. You will see 80% just 10.

I tested out over 400 fuses. 10s are the most come.out but the average fuse over 400 fuses is 22.

Data I got showed that there is a streak of really horrid fuses 5 10s in row followed by a few 20s and 30s then another streak of 10s. After that it subsides and you gets 20s and 30s, the odd 40 before a streak of 50, 40, 50 and the odd 70 to 100.

So… Seems like this effort died on the vine???


Some things are predictable, and this is one of those things.

I didn’t expect anything else to be honest.


Yeah, me either. Hey, guess it was worth a shot huh?

In the end, Ludia is Ludia - they will keep doing what they have always done, and keep getting what they always got from the players.

Yes indeed jvpeters and I really do regret writing the original post.
It was a complete waste of time and effort, and ultimately made me look stupid for expecting anything to change.

But as you say, it was worth a try.

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Totally understand @Schtemty.

It seems Ludia sees its player base as their cash cow and simply wants to find ways to separate people from their money. I get it, they have a board (though if I were on it I would have fired most of the executive team by this point) and perhaps they have stock holders looking for dividends. It is a short-sighted strategy however, as people are fickle and with this new meta they may turn to something else entirely.

It would make an interesting case study to chart their path honestly. I am guessing the company will not be in business too much longer, not with the same executive team at least. I imagine they have a good valuation at this point and could be a decent acquisition target. I am sure it’s the management teams exist strategy.

I am sure they have the game life-cycle mapped out though and will license something else soon if they keep going.

Sad… We like to think companies have a brain and a heart, but mostly they just have wallets.


I don’t regret writing my letters and I don’t think you looked stupid for expecting a change at all.


You should never regret it. It was a very valiant effort on behalf of the player base that you were representing.

I had very high hopes after the boost reset, but it became clear that was just an excuse for Ludia to further gouge their customer base. Just look at the insanity around the boosts now.

I applaud your efforts @Piere87. It was an opportunity for Ludia to talk to its core customer base and open up communications. It is now abundantly clear that they are the scorpion on the frog though and will never change.


That’s exactly why I just un installed my game and purged my save file .2 years almost with paying vip and no gain…boost are pointless cause your only then matched with other same power creatures so it’s no different than not having boost …meaning none really gets an upper hand but first few battles after they boost .then it’s all even again…I was sad to let game go after all the hard work yet I was proud of myself that I can now use that same amount of money in my budget to spend on something not so corporate demanding…I could have bought a new car from what I spent here .good bye jwa…will miss many of you good ppl here too .pls don’t forget to have fun…




A little late but the :bulb: finally turns on. I only had VIP for 3 months at the beginning and only bought one $1.99 incubator. That’s when the :bulb: turned on for me. :grin:


The letter was straight to the point. I feel us as a community need to convey positivity within the forums. No need to tear each other part. Instead be constructive and not destructive.

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I remember shortly after this letter we had the cm change and i was hoping it may be the start of something else… but honestly Jorge was way better at atleast making some kind of response.

Atleast he got to go work for a real company…


That is not very true in Library and up. Boosts always decide the outcome and mm isn’t checking strength. When there is some huge crutch dino the match is ruined most the time.

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It really doesn’t matter for me any longer…I no longer play the game…will miss all the wonderful ppl I’ve met ,I’m sure your one of them too…it was just better for me that way as I allowed the drama of business from their standpoint ( ludia gotta eat too) and forgot that we play games to have fun…:wink::+1::slightly_smiling_face: have a blessed day and pls don’t be like me and never forget to have have fun…:upside_down_face:


Thanks mate. Yeah it’s a little hard to have fun sometimes in the arena at least. Because people are all following the trend of having fodder dinos with some mega boosted crutches. And then having some huge crutch dino with basically 30 tiers of boosts on one dino and other dinos barely boosted or unboosted. Yes ruining the experience. Feeding into boosts like an addict. When they shouldn’t be that way.

I still have fun because it is fun. When crutch boosted creatures arrive I yawn emoji and close the app sometimes. I highly suggest other players to do that, if you do not have a huge crutch. Just close the game when one arrives, who cares about beating it. Just try the next match, don’t get too worked up. Just close it and return later.

Oh when you have a good match without crutches, encourage them. Use emoji “nice, well played, good luck, and the thumbs up”. Encourage the good matches discourage the garbage.


Everything is rigged. Enouge Date is oft there.

Seems like someone had a really bad day.

Where exactly?