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The optional AI from Lockwood terrifies me, lol

Every time it brings something I do not expect. Mildly boosted Dsungaia? Ok, I can handle that. The Flash disguised as Tuojiangosaurus and lvl 24 with attack and hp boost? Yeah I got nothing. Players seem to be more predictable than that option, lol.

i insist jwa A.I. can’t be named this way.
it’s not A.I. because it doesn’t have any intelligence at all, hahaha.
we should name it just BOT or some like that.

maybe random made teams with adjustments a little weaker than our team. with stup* moves.

the A.I. option is currently broken, sometimes works sometimes does nothing.

then when battle starts i try to guess if it’s a bot or human based on first dino.
if it’s those predictable high boosted utasino, erlidom, thor or magna i use to face everyday, i think “a human”. when it’s some bizarre for high aviary like mid boosted einiasuchus, dsungaia, allosino, etc, then i know it’s a bot.

and use to be 3-0 hahahaha. some battles they are so funny programmed that after i smash 2 dinos, the last 2 start to swap, swap, swap, swap till die.

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I saw a level 24 boosted Diplocaulus once. It was an automatic battle (I didn’t choose AI) and until the next dino popped up I honestly thought it was one of those joke accounts. You get some hilarious combos with AI.

Whatever they’re called, they sometimes bring stuff that both amazes me and confuses me. Like one time it brought a lvl 22 or 23 Ardentismaxima. Ate my Utasino alive with just slow + rampage, and the other critter I had was also half-eaten and not suitable to bring out, so … bot won.
In Lockwood there are a few people who actually still use Einiasuchus (man, you won’t believe how much I hate that critter), and some have both Thor and Allosino on their team, which usually complicates stuff for me unless I have a bleeder handy.
The swapping seems to be the bot trying to see if it can gain a speed advantage/hp advantage. If its last critter has speed advantage or HP advantage, then it will actually fight, as the Ardentismaxima proved to me.

I enjoy fighting their Dsungaias, they look so cool and pose a challenge to defeat. The last bot (it was an autobot, not optional) brought Tany for last. That one was easy, in spite of its boosts.

mmmm… a.i. for me was always a kid’s candy. i was about to suggest ludia improve those things, but i was thinking they setup easy teams as an apologizing for matchmaker fails to find a human.

your report shows me another thing: maybe it varies for different troph range and/or player’s team…

I was used to the ones in lower arenas, where they had critters at either below my levels or equal leves. But the higher I went the higher they got, to the point where bots have full teams of 24 boosted common/rares/epics or 21 mildly boosted uniques sometimes. The highest thing on my team is a lvl 22 Kaprosuchus.

I think the bots that have now been added as high as Lockwood (Arena 9) are designed to let a player get a win after two bad matches (due to their atrocious mm); therefore they are not acting “intelligent”. They start swapping constantly with the third dino to assure a loss (i.e., a win for the player) and then award 40 (!) trophies for this easy win.

My guess is this was done to prevent rage quitting from endless losses due to the horrible [can’t use the word that’s most appropriate without getting censored] mm. Note that you can still enjoy endless losses in the Aviary - but just as you’re about to toss your phone, cancel VIP and deinstall the app after crashing into Lockwood, the safety net - i.e., friendly bot with its 40 trophy present - catches you.

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That’s probably not the reason they swap. They seek an advantage (speed or HP). If they can get the upper hand with something, they will. So if they have speed or they can lower your speed or your HP, they will take the opportunity even if down to last one. The Ardentismaxima slowed down my Utasino and then used rampage on it, and the bot won. It was its third after I’ve defeated other 2.

Here we have a Lockwood (auto)bot in its natural environment:

At first it was Nodopatotitan vs Monostego. Bot proceeded to swap into Megalosuchus several times until Nodo was at low HP, then proceeded to hit it with Monostego and killed it. I brought in Utasino to distract impact it, then swapped to Kapro to kill the Monostego.